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MPG Rich List - Live!

MPG Rich List - Live!

Get Balance MPG - Live!

Get Balance MPG - Live!

are Lightweight Contracts the solution to recurring payments for crypto crowdfudning

hello community

I was in the BTC subreddit looking for insights around a crowd funding platform that allowed for recurring payments (like Patreon)

it seems everyone talks about how recurring payments don't work with bitcoin and no one has a solution.

I shared about lightweight contracts - please correct my post/suggestion - if I'm stating something that is not correct solution for crowdfunding tools.

Blockchain predictions - BaaS opportunity for Ardor (# 9)

Blockchain predictions - BaaS opportunity for Ardor (# 9)

My marketing achievements and priorities...Week of January 18th

Marketing is one of those areas where everyone is constantly wondering what's going on. Now that I am working with Jelurida full time, I want to make my personal list of achievements and priorities available each week on Friday for the community to see. This is not representative of everything going on at Jelurida - and probably there will be a number of things I do that aren't included because it's hard to keep a complete list. Also, some items just can't be posted because other communities shouldn't know. This is just me voluntarily providing some high level info so the community knows what I'm up to.

Main achievements this week:

- Messari Capital's OnChainFX added Ignis and they acknowledged Ardor page needs updates.

- After discussions with The Block's research team last week, Ardor was included in one of their graphics for the first time.

- Remotely attended ITU pre-meeting and focus group discussion on DLT standardization in the telecommunication industry for 3 out of 4 days.

- Contributed to new template for providing client estimates.

- Discussions occurred with the team at CoinDesk regarding the situation with Plasma Ignis. Unlikely to see anything come from this.

- South Korea marketing partnership press release editing.

- LongHash press release editing.

- Edited Lior's blog posts.

- Social media engagement.

- Requesting information for software and blockchain conferences.

Next week's priorities:

- Write up detailed documentation and profiles of Jelurida, Ignis, and Ardor, as well as team updates, to send to Messari for updating their database.

- Submit documents and confirm attendance for next ITU focus group remote meeting to review framework.

- Meetings in NY to begin discussions around East coast meetups.

- Research additional software and blockchain conferences accepting submissions.

- Continue the discussion around a co-working space in the USA that was brought up by the community.

- Social media scheduling/engagement.



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