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It looks like something from the Ark marketing team :-)

It looks like something from the Ark marketing team :-)

Why are staking rewards so low still?

I remember asking about this a while back and was told that because so many people were voting for the same delegate, that it diluted the reward pool... A completely acceptable answer that made sense...

Today I looked and it seems like the delegate votes are much more widely distributed, but the rewards were basically the same?

What is the maximum annual staking %? ... I don't want to sound like I'm complaining as 5% a year is great, but if I could be getting 10% by switching delegates, I may just have to consider that?

Any and all feedback is appreciated.


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Website to see point click blockchain projects?

Hi! Is there a website where we can see what projects have been created using so far?

edit: thanks for your replies!

Just throwing this out here

I see a lot of posts regarding marketing and lack of exposure as an issue for Ark. I don't have a twitter account but I tend to keep tabs on a couple crypto analysts on there, one of them being The Crypto Dog . He's very respected in the crypto community and has 145,000 followers. Anyway he tweeted out:

" I've got some BIG NEWS coming at the end of summer. Looking for 5 killer projects/teams in $crypto ready to blow the top off their marketing in this bull run. Drop me a line at / tag an underrated project that you think I should partner with."

I immediately emailed him about Ark and think if the community or even the team is interested in working with him to contact him too. If not, then disregard this, it was just an idea.



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