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Augur (REP) News

Find the best prices to trade instantly REP on

Dear Augur community,

Today we're very excited to launch on Mainnet. Today we're very excited to launch Shiftly on Mainnet. Now you can find the best prices for REP through Kyber network, Uniswap and Airswap protocols and swap it using 1 single application.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your Ethereum wallet — You can use Metamask, Ledger, or any Web3 enabled browser.
  2. Select which tokens pair you want to trade.
  3. Set the amount and swap instantly at the best price.


Learn more here: medium release link or join the discussion on Telegram and Twitter.

We value greatly your feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us on Telegram or via email at [](

The money locked up in a market should be lent out and earning interest

The money in a market should not just be sitting there idly. It should be lent out on Compound or other decentralized lending platforms until the market resolves.

I need help understanding a finalized market

Hi everyone!

I created a market for the UEFA Nations League tournament that ended on June 9 2019.

When I created the market, I opened a position for my predicted winner (Portugal) : 0.3 shares for a price of 0.7, so 0.21 ETH where transferred from my wallet via Metamask as you can see here from the transaction.

Nobody else participated at this market unfortunately. The tournament ended, Portugal won so my prediction was correct, I reported the result and it's now finalized.

I just don't get how I can get my ETH back or part of it? Is it lost or should I do something special ?

Here is a printscreen of the market I created while I'm logged in. Which steps should I take?

I'd really appreciate if someone has the patience to help a noob about that. I shouldn't have created a market before understanding all of the process.

Thank you, and sorry for my rudimentary english :)

Will REP become obsolete?

So after reading a bit to blog posts on

I'm not sure what will be the point of holding REP after the cutoff.

First post made it made it clear (sort of) , REP holders won't be affected by it

"This risk applies to traders, market creators, and reporters interacting with markets that expire after the cutoff. REP holders in general are not directly affected by this."
A bit of an obscure language but ok (why saying"in general" just say "REP holder won't be affected by this")

On second post they say trading will be made using a stablecoin (DAI)

" We are excited to satisfy the single biggest request we have received since our initial release: allow for trading with a stablecoin. V1 Augur uses ETH for all trading. While this is a natural fit in many ways for a decentralized platform running on Ethereum, ETH is highly volatile. Introducing stablecoin denomination will make trading less volatile and more accessible.

For V1, the usage of ETH was accomplished by using a contract (“Cash”) that wrapped ETH and was given additional trust by the Augur contracts to take privileged transfers. The V2 contracts will still reference “Cash,” which will instead point to an ERC20 Token with no extensions. At release time, this will be set to the Multi-Collateral DAI token."

What I don't get is what will be the usage of REP? Will it become obsolete token?



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