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Bankex Debuts MainWallet, First of DeFi Telegram AppStore Infrastructure Apps

Bankex Debuts MainWallet, First of DeFi Telegram AppStore Infrastructure Apps

Bankex, ZiChain Launch BKX Token-Based Promotion

Bankex, ZiChain Launch BKX Token-Based Promotion

Security Tokens on CMC

Security Tokens on CMC

Security Token Platforms ATH

Security Token Platforms ATH

Bankex is in my opinion the most undervalued project of all the crypto market

I think this could be the best investment of your life because of some few points.

  1. We all now the ICOs mania in 2017 right, now some of you have probably notice the IEOs mania in 2018 and early 2019. Well, the next thing will obviously be the STOs mania (Security token offering). If you don't believe me do some research and you will understand why the STOs will completely take over the IPOs (stock) or the ICOs/IEOs. This will be BIGGER than the ICOs mania.
  2. With more than 700 stars on Github, more than 1 million line of codes and a way to scale Ethereum via plasma, Banked is now below the top 700 tokens on CMC at 1.2M market cap. I don't now how this GEM got at this price but it is. Do you imagine how a 100x could be easy? A 100x will put us approximately rank 70 if everybody stay at the same cap. This project has also an all star team, a product, won lots of awards, many credentials, got the attention of Vitalik Buterin regarding plasma. I'm not sure if you realize how UNDERVALUED this project is but I can't.
  3. Banked is already on Upbit, Bittrex, Okex (more), so the liquidity is there. We can speculate but Binance will eventually come (I've seen the team with CZ on twitter, they've met him a few times)
  4. I've seen almost all their videos on youtube and their vison is to build a multi-billion company. They have the right connections, the right team, the right idea and the right timing to achieve this in my opinion.
  5. They are not only doing STOs, they are also providing 4 services: Bankex pay, Custody Service, Custody for Buisness and Digital Deal.
  6. Only one little news could start a massive run up. For exemple a partnership with a big bank or something like that. It could happen at anytime.

I hope after this, you will share my thoughts about Bankex. Never invest more than you could afford and this is pure speculation, do your own research. I've done mine.



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