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Life Savings Gone: I do not own a passport, how can you lock me out of my account?

I have an issue with your platform and I have been getting your crappy zendesk support. I signup with your platform in the year of 2017, everything was great then all of a sudden I see you getting attacked by hackers, I wasnt worried because I wasnt a victim, now I end up one this year of 2019, I saw my account was debited without my permissions, and the transaction was in grey. I immediately contacted your support which locked my account. I was asked to change my passwords etc, I did just so. Next thing I realized is that you are asking me for a passport to log back into my account. I do not have a passport and nor do I intend to get one. I never signed up with a passport in the first place. It's been over four months since you locked me out of my life savings.

Your company is the very thing blockchain sought to destroy, you are bullying me from getting back my money for faulty security measures on your end! I have recommended hundreds of users to your platform. I have other platforms and never experience such a situation. There was no prior requirement of me during my account access to add a passport so why do that now after you have locked me our completely? I signed up with my IDs.

Binance team are hoarding $1.2 billion of unlocked Binance Coin says CEO

Binance team are hoarding $1.2 billion of unlocked Binance Coin says CEO

9 Facts About Bitcoin You Should Know Before Investing

9 Facts About Bitcoin You Should Know Before Investing

KYC with different country

I live in the United States, but have a level 2 Binance account that I acquired by sending my Republic of Korea passport.

What does this mean with Binance US introduction? I am curious for two things: 1. On non-US Binance, will I be flagged as US user(due to my residence)? 2. On Binance US, do I need a US passport to KYC?

If anyone has an insight, please share!

Binance Google 2FA Lost

In Binance I have lost Google authentication and still have my 16 character code. i set it up in Google Authenticator but I get an invalid response when I enter the 6 digits. I have tried to follow the binance support article as I suspect the Google 2FA is not enabled. I can not get to the ACCOUNT CENTER. Any help?



Name Binance Coin
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