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Vechain Margin Disabled

I can't believe they disable margin on VET without even posting an announcement.

The vechain news was very bad and any price devaluation is deserved. It also went up like 3x recently. Why is CZ suddenly protecting coins from losing value?

If CZ was a smart man, he would just implement something like breakers (like in the normal stock market).

I am surprised that nobody is talking about this.

How to buy from Paxful using Binance

Hello All,

I've read that Binance integrates directly with Paxful. How do I buy from Paxful using Binance?


Following the Ethereum upgrade, will Binance fees finally be lowered?

With the last update Ethereum has allowed for lower transaction fees. Currently, the Binance withdrawal fee is 0,01 ETH, and has been for a while now. Surely that can be lowered at this point. In USD terms it might not be that much, but in ETH terms, it is.

Is this something being considered?

Why binance doesnt show average entry for margin?

And also you position on chart? Like bitmex and bitfinex do? Really annoying trying to figure out margin when you bought at buncha different prices

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