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New mobile cloud mining app

Pi Network is a mobile mining app that you can download on Google play or App Store. Main net launch is a ways away so you cant sell anytime soon. But you can get free coins and who knows what might happen. It is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford University. There is zero impact on the battery, its cloud mining.

Its 1 coin/hour, there is around 60 000 members so you are early, on 100 000 members there is halving and coin/h will be cut in half.

Google "mine pi" if you want to see official website, it is legit project.

To join Pi, you have to have a referral link:

You can use mine, it is: "V u K A"

Video tutorial if interested: Pi Network video tutorial

A simple fast payment currency, Africa get involved

A simple fast payment currency, Africa get involved

I never gave up on BTX :D

I still go hard at collecting as much as I can.. I know one day this coin will be top tier :)

BTX payments plugin for Wordpress (WooCommerce)

BTX payments plugin for Wordpress (WooCommerce)

New Design, New style, New Era! BitCore (BTX)!

Hi guys,

I am bery happy to bring you the new design of the Reddit created by the master Carlos.

in order to help you to convince people around that BitCore is an interesting project and deserves to be the rightful heir of #Bitcoin. Please read the following lines:

Hi! I will add the BitCore blockchain has started from its own genesis. The chain is not linked to Bitcoin chain. However and as all the other blockchain technologies in open-source, the code source of BitCore is based on Bitcoin, more precisely, Litecoin. Only an initial coin distribution can connect BitCore to its lovely mother, Bitcoin. As BitCore is economically identical to Bitcoin, the chain generates at its genesis the same amount as Bitcoin in the time of the genesis. However, only an hald of these coins have been distributed to holders of Bitcoin addresses and the other half has been distributed in an airdrop to spread the wealth in the hand of common people.

The developers spent a year to propose a new solution with: An unique and new mining algorithm, A block generation of 2.5 minutes with 10 MB (+10 MB in SegWit ready) that allows 500 Tx/s and compatibility to LN if this technology is determined as compatible with the Satoshi Vision. The integration of Bloom Filters that allows a drastic reduction of blockchain size. In 2 years, the blockchain length is around 1.2 GB. This is really important for democratization of the technology in all the countries and will allow the spread pf nodes in systems that are low-cost and low-energy. The implementation of the Core Shield 64_15 retargeting algorithm that is also unique and one the most robust mining difficulty readjustment. Every 3 hours, the mining difficulty changes at maximum of 15% compared to the previous difficulty. It allows to be extremly robust in case of a miner decide to attack the bloclchain because he will not be able to push heavily the difficulty to collect after that many blocks and to corrupt the blockchain. BitCore considers to have a public using BitCore, you must transfer the coin for low fees. Today, BitCore fees is around 0.0001 USD for any transfers. Finally, BitCore conserves a coin emission of 21 millions of coins as a fair respect of the Satoshi Vision.

This list is only a little part of what is BitCore. But Today, BitCore is expending to new services and wants to be a democracy. The BitCore 2.0 is going to integrate a functional governance system with a voting and fundraising system s that will be on the chain. The main goal of BotCore is not to be highly speculative bit to be used by people. Today, it is the problem of many projects. A lot of speculations but low useability. Woth GeneralByte, Paytomat, BitBase, Jaxx, Zelcore, WooCommerce and the presence of BitCore on Bit-Z, HitBTC, Instaswap ... This was the first step. Tomorrow, we would like to reach CoinBase, Binance, CoinPayments but things will grow if people are in ;)

Have a nice day!



Name Bitcore
Symbol BTX
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Bitcore price $0.78173
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Trading Volume $2,923,470
24h Low / 24h High $0.70951 / $0.84445

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All time high $38.84
All time high date 2017-11-16 (one year ago)
Since all time high -97.98 %


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