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Facebook | Libra ICO Start Sale Today

Facebook | Libra ICO Start Sale Today

New mobile cloud mining app

Pi Network is a mobile mining app that you can download on Google play or App Store. Main net launch is a ways away so you cant sell anytime soon. But you can get free coins and who knows what might happen. It is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford University. There is zero impact on the battery, its cloud mining.

Its 1 coin/hour, there is around 50 000 members so you are early, on 100 000 members there is halving and coin/h will be cut in half.

Google "mine pi" if you want to see official website, it is legit project.

To join Pi you have to have a referral link:

You can use mine, its: "V u K A"

Video tutorial if interested: Pi Network video tutorial

Libra Scams on Reddit be careful

Libra Scams on Reddit be careful

OL-DEX LISK Gateway Re-enabled

OL-DEX LISK Gateway Re-enabled

Possible to send funds using only private key?

I have an old account with that contains around 1000 BTS worth of crypto (some OBITS, some OpenUSD, some BTS)

I have the .bin file (well... I have two bin files I believe one of them is the correct one and the other is an empty copy I never used)
I have my user login
I have what should be my password written down
and I have my private key

I have tried to access using the .bin file and the password but it says the password is incorrect
I have tried to access uisng the username and password but it says password is incorrect.

so as a last ditch effort I would like to try to export the BTS to a new wallet I control using the private key, but I'm not sure how to do this. Anyone have some resources they could point me to?




Name BitShares
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