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After installation Bittorrent doesn't open

and i can't find where installer unpacked bittorrent.exe There is no bittorrent in appdata or any other folder. and i've tried utorrent same issue last i checked (last September it was working splendidly)

how to stop Bittorrent from focusing on low/no seeds and instead focus on downloads with higher seeds?

this is very frustrating, I am downloading multiple stuff. yet when I wake up in the morning, 2 of them are done, 10 of them are on Que and 5 are "downloading" but without any seeds or an amount that will finish the download in 4 weeks.

I was hoping for a way to tell the program to wait 5-10 minutes and then if no seeds were found, or if they are very low, it should pause the current download and move to the next one. otherwise Bittorrent is basically stuck on files it can't download fast or at all instead of focusing on those it can.


by "files" I do not mean in the same download (like a list of episodes from the same show as a package download), but different downloads.

I just opened bittorrent web and all of my seeds just say "error"

I've been using it for around a month now and this is the first time something like this has happened, has anyone else had this problem?

I keep getting a connection error everytime I try to open up Bit Torrent Web

Connection Error You have been disconnected. Please check that your BitTorrent Web client is still running and then refresh your browser.

I try restarting it but it still comes up. Any way to resolve this issue?

Bittorrent Web - How to set priority for files & torrents?

In the old bittorrent client I used to be able to set "High", "Low", or "Normal" priority on individual files within a torrent as well as the torrents themselves. I was also able to set specific bandwidth limits to certain files.

I used that to make sure, for example, I was getting the episodes of something in the order that I wanted to watch them. Or, I'd set low priority for something that just wasn't as much of a priority.

The new bittorrent web client is user friendly, but seems to lack this functionality. Any tips?



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