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bytecoin windows wallet does not want to sync

bytecoin windows wallet does not want to sync

GUI wallet stuck synchronizing even after update to new latest version

Running walletd...

--> {"id":"0","jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"get_wallet_info","params":{"need_secrets":false}}

Enter current wallet file password:

Restored view public key doesn't correspond to secret key

Bytecoin GUI is in detached state.

You can open a wallet file, create a new one, or connect to remote walletd daemon.

Running walletd...

Enter current wallet file password:

--> {"id":"0","jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"get_wallet_info","params":{"need_secrets":false}}

Opened wallet with first address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Warning: inproc bytecoind is deprecated and will be removed soon.

Please run bytecoind separately, then specify --remote-bytecoind-address=: argument to walletd

This is important to prevent bytecoind P2P attack vectors from reaching walletd address space where wallet keys reside

Enter HTTP authorization : for walletd RPC:

Using wallet cache folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\bytecoin/wallet_cache/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

11:23:29.785933 I WalletState Data format, wallet seed or genesis bid different, old version=4 current version=12, clearing wallet cache...

11:23:29.803936 I WalletState Processing 0/1 million DB records

11:23:34.208177 I WalletState WalletState::db_commit started... chain_height=4294967295

11:23:34.484195 I BlockChainState Blockchain database has old format, preparing for internal block import...

--> {"id":"1","jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"get_wallet_info","params":{"need_secrets":false}}

Buying/selling BCN

Anyone know the reason/solution for me not being able to see BCN on the wallets or trading on exchanges like hitbtc and poloniex? It’s being traded but I can’t do it myself.

What do I need to do?

I can't access my web wallet and request a new one. When I use my temporary password I can't log in and after the 4th attempt, I get locked.
Does anyone experience this issue?

For Spanish Community

For Spanish Community

Web Wallet not working - stuck funds

Hello BCN Team! I've got a problem since a couple weeks (I've also sent you many emails - no answer...). I can't log in into my BCN Web Wallet (after I put my email and password, those 3 lines are loading and never stop). I can only log in into my web wallet from my phone (ios) but when I try to make a withdrawal it always say "Processing error" - and no fund moves.

Please finally give an answer and help me get out from this problem! Thank you!



Name Bytecoin
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Bytecoin price $0.00105
Market Cap $193,606,518
Trading Volume $226,604
24h Low / 24h High $0.00091 / $0.00119

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All time high $0.14517
All time high date 2018-05-08 (one year ago)
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