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Cardano News Update: Is ADA Coin Experiencing Trouble in Paradise?

Much of the recent headlines concerning Cardano have been overwhelmingly positive and for good reason. Charles Hoskinson recently announced that “soul of ‘Shelley’”, the long-awaited protocol upgrade, was finally ‘out’. The soul of Shelley is out — Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) April 17, 2019 This news, which came out the day before the IOHK Summit […]

IOHK Summit Post Event Discussion.

Please use this thread for all discussion related to the Summit. I am putting everything in one place because the board is getting a bit out of hand.


Deceptive communications from IOHK (Updated)

Hi everyone, I just wanted to clear the air regarding my previous post which was deleted by clarifying the following points:

  • my post was not deleted by the moderators. I decided to delete it as I could see that the discussion was becoming overheated and was counterproductive to achieving a good outcome for the community
  • I have decided to clarify this point publicly as I can see where the current hype about censorship on the Cardano Reddit forum is going (juicy articles on CCN and the likes regarding how toxic the Cardano community is becoming, etc...). This would be the worst possible outcome for the community
  • the purpose of my post was not to vilify IOHK in any way as I have too much respect for the organisation and for Charles but to actually create a healthy debate which could kickstart a learning curve on how things can be done better
  • I now realise that my choice of words was not optimal as the use of the words deceptive or misleading can be found to indicate that there was a purposeful intent to deceive. I do not believe that this is the case as I hold IOHK’s professionalism and integrity in high regard. I do apologise for this mishap
  • I am a real early investor and long term investor who is sophisticated enough to have done the required due diligence and has stuck by the project since the 2017 lows to $1.38 and back down to 2.8 cents all the way to today’s current price levels and has never wavered in its unending support for the project. To be called by some on this forum a FUDster, a troll, scum of the earth and other names is a sad reflection of the fact that we do have a long way to go with regards to self governance and liquid democracy as people tend to be feral with one another especially on social media. Let us have a good hard look at ourselves before judging one another the next time around
  • to come back to my original comment and why I have started this discussion, it has now become apparent that there is a disconnect between what Charles believes has been communicated to the community and what some segments of the community perceive has been communicated. This is not the first time it has happened and will not be the last time unless only updates on what has been accomplished to date and what remains to be accomplished are provided with no indications of timeframes. I would be fine with this approach provided that the information is dumbed down as much as possible in order to ensure that the information is communicated to all the segments of the community

In summary, I think it would be good for everyone to take a deep breath and realise that we are heading in the right direction and that things could be done slightly differently for the benefit of the community. I certainly did not expect my post to be so controversial. The silver lining is that we can all learn from the experience. I love this project too much to let it be consumed by infighting.

Cardano Price Hits a Roadblock as Value Drops Below $0.08

In the cryptocurrency world, there is never a lack of any real momentum whatsoever. While the current trend might not necessarily please every trader, speculator, and enthusiast, it is the hand people are dealt regardless. The Cardano price, while expected to turn very bullish, has seemingly gone the other way in quick succession. It seems […] The post Cardano Price Hits a Roadblock as Value Drops Below $0.08 appeared first on NullTX.

Really? All critical summit posts deleted? This isn‘t real is it? /eom

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