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Am I understanding Cosmos/Tindermint correctly?

So, let me explain it as I understand it and let me know if I'm getting this right.

The idea is to create an Internet of Blockchains via the interoperability of Cosmos, thus allowing blockchains to communicate just as a standard IoT network of connected devices, correct? In theory, rather than the "smart fridge" telling the "smart phone" you're out of milk, so you can pick some up while you're at the store, one blockchain relays data to another blockchain via Cosmos. Because it relays that data from one chain to another, does it mean a programmable execution via Cosmos is possible? For example, would it be possible ( in theory ) to stream a video via Livepeer and then communicate via Cosmos to tell Sia to place that video in storage? In the end, that type of scenario is the idea, right? Perhaps that's a bad example. Maybe the interoperability is more basic than that. I don't know.

Cosmos could theoretically onboard Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains but on top of that, it can also create new blockchains via Tindermint Core, right? So basically, it's like Ethereum or Polkadot, except it can also integrate other blockchains into the network? Wouldn't that mean Cosmos is like Ford pumping out the model T's of the blockchain world while also inter-operating with preexisting blockchains? To clarify, I don't mean model T in a degrading way but rather, that Tindermint Core is like a factory that can pump out functional/safe blockchains rather than developers starting from scratch? Assuming its successful, wouldn't this give Cosmos a huge advantage over Ethereum, Dfinity, Polkadot, and basically everything else? Wouldn't it become the most important blockchain, even more important than Bitcoin?

Would the likes of Ethereum or Polkadot even want to be connected to Cosmos or would they perceive it as too much of a threat? Or would it not even matter since it would be mutually beneficial? Wouldn't it be like Ford sharing data with Ferrari? Or IBM sharing data with Microsoft? Why would they want to or do they even have a choice? Perhaps, it would be more like the DNI acting as the central hub of the CIA, NSA, FBI?

Another question I have. Can Cosmos only onboard certain blockchains? Would DAG, Hashgraph, or perhaps other networks such as Ripple/Stellar be excluded or can they be connected, too?

Wouldn't this blockchain be super attractive to enterprise? Wouldn't IBM, Microsoft, etc... be super interested in Cosmos for research purposes and such?

Major feature: DAObet Blockchain DPoS Finality [3 sec] VS EOS DPoS Finality [180 sec]

Major feature: DAObet Blockchain DPoS Finality [3 sec] VS EOS DPoS Finality [180 sec]

Atom top ranked cryptocurrency by experts

Atom top ranked cryptocurrency by experts

The newest submission to the ATAIX voting list is Cosmos (ATOM). Can they get enough votes to launch them to the stratosphere? Be sure to hop on and support your favorite coin today.

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Name Cosmos
Symbol ATOM
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Cosmos price $2.92
Market Cap $718,784,647
Trading Volume $132,785,180
24h Low / 24h High $2.92 / $3.01

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