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[Meeting] MakerDAO Community Call—Tuesday, June 25th 9AM PST | 4PM UTC | 12PM EST | 5PM CET | Special Guest: Leighton Cusack from PoolTogether

Special Guest: Leighton Cusack from PoolTogether

Leighton will be doing a demo of PoolTogether along with Q&A from the community during the first part of the call.

Come Join us for a weekly recap of all the things that have been happening in the MakerDAO universe. We cover Technical Milestones, Partnerships, New Hires, Highlights from the Community, Real-Life Events, and more. Community members are welcome to participate by asking questions and engaging in discussions within the call.

When: Tuesday, June 25th at 9AM PST | 4PM UTC | 12PM EST | 10AM MST | 5PM CET


Dial-In: ‎(‪US‬) +1 409-207-0104‬ PIN: ‪663 316‬#

Google Calendar Link

Agenda Document

Disclaimer: These calls are recorded and posted on the web.

[Governance Poll] Stability Fee Adjustment Poll

[Governance Poll] Stability Fee Adjustment Poll

No Loss Lottery with Dai is live!

A couple months ago I shared the prototype for a "no loss lottery" aka "prize linked savings account" built on Ethereum with Dai.

We got some really good feedback from the community (thanks @discreetlog & @whuttheeperson) and also received a grant from Maker to keep working. We're now live on main net with contracts that have been audited and certified by Quantstamp.

As a quick recap, here is how it works:

1 - You can buy as many tickets as you want during the 3 day "open" period

2 - After the open period, the contract locks for 15 days and all the Dai is lent on to earn interest

3 - At the end of the 15 days everyone gets their original Dai back but one person wins all the interest accrued on all the dai!

Basically it's a way to apply the incentive of a lottery to the action of savings. You can join the first "Pool" right now!

And here is our launch blog post if you want some more information

Find the best prices to trade instantly DAI on Shiftly DEX

Dear Maker community,

Today we're very excited to launch on Mainnet. Today we're very excited to launch Shiftly on Mainnet. Now you can find the best prices for DAI through Kyber network, Uniswap and Airswap protocols and swap it using 1 single application.

How does it work?

  1. Connect your Ethereum wallet — You can use Metamask, Ledger, or any Web3 enabled browser.
  2. Select which tokens pair you want to trade.
  3. Set the amount and swap instantly at the best price.


Learn more here: medium release link or join the discussion on Telegram and Twitter.

We value greatly your feedback. Feel free to get in touch with us on Telegram or via email at [](

Dai + Libra = kinky but functional

Facebook's Libra could bank millions of poor people but all sorts of regulations in multiple countries will work to prevent this. Is it not possible to combine the use of Dai and Libra to bank and reach more people?

Could it work like this? An arrangement set up to receive Libra from one address and send Dai to another address. This arrangement could be in the form of a smart contract, some defi dapp, something like Shapeshift or some cross-chain system. There could in other words be multiple solutions to this.

Bob in the US would set up his dapp to recieve Libra from his Facebook account and pass on Dai to Alice's Ethereum address.

Alice in Iran would set up her dapp to receive Dai, alternatively receive Dai and then pass on Libra to her (fake) FB account. Nobody in their right mind would use this alternative but I just included it for the sake of the argument.

In my simple mind this sounds doable and could be a easy method to circumvent restrictions placed on cross-border financial transactions. Underserved poor people would not have to KYC in order to get a verified FB account. Bad governments would not be able to hinder capital flows. Best of all would perhaps to sprinkle some zk-Dai on top of this.

What are your thoughts? Doable?



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