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Decred Journal —November 2019

Decred Journal —November 2019

Cannot vote with politeiavoter with trickle


According to in the privacy consideration they recommand using tor and trickle flag but with the 1.4 politeiavoter arm binaries I get the unknown trickle flag error when I try to vote

Ditto bi-weekly update - December 6, 2019

Originally posted on by Liz Bagot

Here’s the Ditto bi-weekly update. Let us know if you have any questions!

What we’ve been up to the past 2 weeks

  • Arranged a media tour with Akin in NYC next week, where he’ll interview with 2 top-tier crypto outlets and 1 mainstream outlet, as well as record on 2 podcasts about Decred’s governance, policy, and crypto in Africa. We’ll disclose those once any coverage goes live

  • Arranged and staffed interviews between Akin, Jake, Richard Red and reporters at 4 media outlets — we’ll disclose those once any coverage goes live

  • Submitted an op-ed on the topic of governance in 2019 to a top-tier crypto media outlet, which should go live in the near future. We’ll share it as soon as it’s published

  • Identified and shared opportunities for the community to engage with Crypto Twitter and educate outsiders about Decred. Lately, the community has been abuzz on the topic of #cryptodevs — what it’s like to work as a developer for Decred, what’s unique about Decred devs, etc. If you’re interested in the topic, you can join the conversation on Twitter, as well

What we’re doing in the next 2 weeks

  • Facilitating and attending Akin's media tour in NYC. On a single day next week, Akin will interview with 5 media outlets, both online and podcast. Once the media tour wraps up, we’ll share a summary with the community

  • Pitching top-tier crypto media on the topic of DAOs, Decred’s role in the DAO movement, why 2019 was a great year for Decred, etc

  • Continuing to keep the community engaged on Twitter by identifying conversations to join

Immature Tickets - What Happens To The Fees?

If a ticket is immature, are the fees associated with the ticket refunded to you after the lock-up period of blocks mined or are those gone?

Decred On-Chain: The Ticket Pool VWAP - "The magic behind the ultimate Decred User-Based indicator: ticket data"

Decred On-Chain: The Ticket Pool VWAP -



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