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Do you guys think Dent will dip below $0.002 again?

submitted by /u/ajlongspiano

#DENT project with over 17,5 Million Users. Now live in COLOMBIA with 6 Operators!

#DENT project with over 17,5 Million Users. Now live in COLOMBIA with 6 Operators!

Q2 about to end. Dent announcements should be this week!

According to the roadmap, in just a few weeks:

  1. Loyalty Program will be available for app users
  2. CMC will show DENT/BTC volume of the Dent Exchange
  3. Mobile Users can start trading global packages from the App
  4. 3 exchanges will list DENT

Actually, 1), 2) and 3) should be THIS week, before July 1st. But to be fair, those things also depend on an external party, not just Dent Wireless execution.

Are we aware of what this means? Let's look at the items more in detail:

  1. DENT users, 17.4 million people, will receive free voice calls minutes and additional referral DENTs by hodling tokens. Ok, maybe not all at once and the program is released gradually, launched by countries. Still, it will get there and it is going to reduce the available supply considerably. With 10% of users storing just 10,000 DENTs each (25 USD today), that sums up 17.4B!!! (17.4% of all units). Dent plans to reach 40 million users by the end of Q2 2020 (knowing Dent Team's performance it will be more like 55 million users). Doing the same math we reach 40B dents. I believe this means that DENT is clearly undervalued.
  2. CMC is THE website used by investors to find more information about a cryptocurrency, like price history. Showing DENT/BTC traded on the Dent Exchange is not just showing that the coin has more activity of what it seems. It also means that the DENT Exchange will be listed on the Exchanges section. It will be recognized an exchange and, as all traders must comply with KYC/AML, it will be one of the few that conveys confidence. There are many reports on exchanges doing illegal things like wash trading and with few real users. Roughly 10-15 are being honest. Being part of this small group will be a big success. Each time the media talks about the ranking and performance of exchanges, they won't be able to ignore Dent Exchange.
  3. Dent's ecosystem gains value with each component it adds, increasing its value with network effect.
  4. More exchanges, more liquidity and recognition.

It's amazing how suddenly users that were posting and commenting FUD disappeared. A functional app with 17.4 million users, who actually don't know they are using cryptocurrency, is just amazing. Are you aware of that?!?!

The worst is over; we already won.

Thanks Dent Team and community. Happy to be an early adopter of Dent!

Dent 2017 vs 2019

submitted by /u/idmcduff

Upto 900min free voice calls w Dent Afterburner vault (Staking Dentcoin)

Im sure you are familiare with Dent Afterburner Program, Today I checked the website and noticed that they have changed the stacking amount by a lot!

WHITE is the entry level membership:

DENT Deposit between 10,000 and 190,000 DENT, Up to 160 minutes of free calling to all 60+ supported countries

RED is the middle level membership :

DENT Deposit between 200,000 and 990,000 DENT, Up to 300 minutes of free calling to all 60+ supported countries

BLACK is the elite level membership

DENT Deposit between 1 Million and 10 Million DENT, Up to 900 minutes of free calling to all 60+ supported countries

It's just like staking program on other coins And you get your reward as free international voice calls...

And its already active and functional on Dent.Exchange:

Good job!



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