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Refer your favorite dogecoin related website, receive 50 doge reward

Hello /r/dogecoin!

I would like to collect lots of different links to websites and tools related to dogecoin, bitcoin, & litecoin. I thought I might experiment with crowd sourcing this information. To accomplish this, I've built a referral page at my website, located at If you have some favorite cryptocurrency related sites that offer unique content & tools, I'd very much appreciate you completing the link referral.

I am hoping to get links related to one or more of these following topics: academic, applications, blockchain analysis, block explorers, coding, educational, exchanges, gaming, mempool, network, news, price data, second layer, tools, visualization, & wallets.

I'll just check that the link meets some quality criteria, and if approved, the website sends you 50 doge as a thank you for the referral. Also note that the website will only accept a new referral once every 10 dogecoin blocks to encourage referrals from different people and limit multiple referrals in a short period of time.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Trying to send coins. Cannot load Dogechain wallet in

I use the settings page to select Dogecoin in all three dropdowns, then go to New->Transaction. I put in my Dogechain wallet ID and I get the error:

Unexpected error, unable to retrieve unspent outputs!

What am I doing wrong? I want to send all my Doge from my paper wallet to my Trezor.

First day with DogeCoin

Hello fellow doges,

What should I do first with my Dogecoin account? How do I view my wallet and how do I get dogecoins without purchasing them?

Thank you for the advice!

Proof of Payment - Dogecoin Minecraft Server.

Wow, many proof, such legit.

Feel free to come to dogecoin minecraft server and have fun!
For developers, some stuff is available under our API

The day of the Doge.

The day of the doge.

Poem by JG Reyneke

The day has come.

All is in a slum.

We are being led astray.

Cause we are easy prey.

The banks want to keep us under.

For we don’t look when they plunder.

But, what can we do? Our hard earned savings is saying adieu.

Can you hear it in the distance?

Someone is coming to our assistance.

Can you hear that it is time?

To those who are going to pay for their crimes.

I look up to see the doge community.

Standing side by side in unity.

They gave me their hands in compassion.

For they are made out of passion.

Please leave me a reply and tell how it is?



Name Dogecoin
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Trading Volume $49,677,817
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All time high date 2018-01-07 (one year ago)
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