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[Enigma Development Update] — November 2019

[Enigma Development Update] — November 2019

[Collaboration] Enigma and Chainlink Announce Collaboration and Integration! NEW

[Collaboration] Enigma and Chainlink Announce Collaboration and Integration! NEW

Who else is excited to have an active testnet LIVE?

secret nodes

Can anyone clarify these questions. thanks in advance for your time.

1)running a secret node does not guarantee work?

2) nodes with the most ENG staked will get priority and therefore most of the work?

3)won't that disincentivize most investors from running a node?

4)won't that reward a few large ENG token holders and therefore cause enigma to be more centralized?

Please forgive me if I am way off base with these questions. trying to get a better understanding of the secret nodes.

Trade Wars

I wonder if "free nations" like the United States will suddenly welcome Chinese products when they become provably fair in the near future.For context, the US has put restrictions on Chinese phone maker Huawei who in return sold telecommunication products to the US and other European nations. These come after concerns that China might be spying with these components. They are now able to build their own competitive chips without the US.

Now, because China is becoming more open to blockchain while the US is closing trades and stemming away from proper regulation in favor of old SEC guidelines, what further excuse would they have if the cryptopunks actually did design a more fair and trustworthy system. In China. What man in a free country would stand on the street and call you out for using Huawei or some other unknown product if data was driven through and computed on decentralized nodes? Are we really lead to believe closed trade and borders benefit a nation?

Wouldn't the real blunder be supporting blindly something that is closed to innovators, creators and growth? This is all hypothetical of course but why not look forward as it's now entirely possible to imagine development of anything data driven behind ENG. Thinking globally, which would you support with your purchase and why?



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