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5 Tips for Protecting Your Cryptocurrency Assets

In today’s day and age, technology is emerging in the innovation landscape, especially when blockchain comes into play in the financial sector. Due to its decentralized nature, cryptocurrency gives an extra layer of identity protection. It’s safe, but still requires users to take steps to ensure their cryptocurrency assets are as secure as possible. The most important question that should be asked by those owning cryptocurrency is “how to keep my cryptocurrency safe?”

Check out our 5 Top Tips below:

1. Do not leave your cryptocurrency on an exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges still remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Besides, cryptocurrencies are still not regulated in many parts of the world. If you store your digital assets on the wallet provided by cryptocurrency exchanges, the risk is that if the exchange is hacked, you may lose your funds and be unable to get your assets back. Refer to security advice for more.

2. Use a strong and complex password

Your password is the first layer of protection that you provide to your cryptocurrency wallet. So, setting a password which cannot be exploited is very important. Firstly, avoid using your name, birthdate or ID numbers. You have to set a password that’s impossible to guess. You can also use a complex combination of letters, numerals, and symbols to create a secure password.

3. Never keep your private key online

You should save your private key in a secure location. Never ever keep your private key online, in an email or in the cloud to protect your cryptocurrency from any form of internet hacking. Once hackers got your private key through all of those online platforms, they can transfer your cryptocurrency assets easily.

4. Keep a large sum of cryptocurrency in a paper wallet

You should keep a large sum of cryptocurrency in a paper wallet. Just as its name suggests, the paper wallet is a paper with your private keys and addresses printed on it. Many usually tend to laminate it and store it in the safe. As it is in the form of cold storage, you won’t expose your identity, transactions and address information. It is a secure way to keep your cryptocurrency safe as it is not connected to the internet. Please do not store your cryptocurrency in just one wallet. Diversify your risks.

5. Enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) in your cryptocurrency wallet

Use a cryptocurrency wallet that requires 2FA authentication when logging in and making transactions. 2FA authentication provides an additional layer of security to your wallet. Typically, it tends to be in the form of One-Time Passcode (OTP) that is sent to your mobile phone via the registered phone number or email ID. Besides, the code also can be in the form on an app such as Google Authenticator. Everus wallet is now compatible with Google Authenticator where users are compulsory to set up, activate and verify the account, providing a second layer of security to your wallet account.

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Update on PSIGEN Trading Package Withdrawal

Dear Everus users, please be informed that we aim to have all PSIGEN Trading Package withdrawal requests completed between 7th - 15th April 2019. If you have not received your withdrawal after this date, please contact us at [](

Everus to clarify on SC’s List of Digital Asset Exchanges in Transitional Period

KUALA LUMPUR, 7th March 2019 – In light of the Securities Commission Malaysia’s (“SC”) announcement on the list of Digital Asset Exchanges (“DAX”) in transitional period as at 1st March 2019 in Malaysia, Everus Technologies Sdn Bhd (“Everus” or “Company”) is taking this opportunity to clarify that the Company does not fit into the category as a DAX operator as defined under Chapter 15 of the Securities Commission Malaysia’s Guidelines on Recognized Markets (“Guidelines”).

The Guidelines are issued by the country’s securities governing body to enforce regulatory measures on authorized/licensed recognized market operators (‘RMO’), specifically DAX operator. As per the Guidelines, the definition of DAX means an electronic platform which facilitates the trading of a Digital Asset. It is also provided for that these guidelines do not apply to a technology service provider who merely provides the infrastructure or software.

In this instance, Everus solely operates as a secured e-wallet service provider for digital currency. Everus’ system does not facilitate any digital asset trading, hence, is not subjected to the regulatory grounds which are specifically enacted for governing DAX operators. In addition, Everus does not hold any funds, fiat and/or digital currencies of any customers for trading purposes. Therefore, there shall be no refund afforded to the customers. The list announced by the SC will not affect the Company’s overall business operation and its plan for global expansion.

To recap, Everus had on the 21st February 2019 announced that the Company has successfully expanded its international operations with office in Hong Kong to penetrate into the vast East Asia market. Moving forward, the Company is also looking at the opportunities in pursuing growth to expand its business operations further into United Arab Emirates and European markets such as Dubai and Estonia. This is to create sustainable business prospects for Everus.

Everus already has offices in Singapore, India, Switzerland and United States with over 100,000 Everus wallet users in over 90 countries spanning across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa, and America thus far. Rest assured that the Company will remain engaged with its customers and continue to make progress update to the public. It should be noted that the Company current business is operating as usual.

Everus Founder and CEO, Srinivas Oddati said: “We are constantly in talks with the SC to determine how it works for us as an e-wallet service provider. I believe that regulation is necessary for the burgeoning industry to grow. With our good track record and accountability, we will also continue to work with SC and Bank Negara Malaysia, to comply and support in order to ensure full compliance, prioritizing the responsibility of ensuring all our activities are transparent. We will provide an update as soon as any additional information becomes available.”

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Everus Expands International Operations in Hong Kong

The year 2018 marked a very important milestone for Everus with the completed development and launch to market of key products within the Everus World Ecosystem providing added usability to Everus wallet users. As we move forward into 2019, we are excited about the further usability growth and development of key products and solutions which will be launched into the market over the course of the year.

With over 100,000 Everus wallet users spanning across over 90 countries, we are currently taking steps to expand our global network of regional offices in key strategic locations, with Hong Kong being the first for 2019. Well known as one of the world’s leading financial hubs, Hong Kong is now a key region in the global cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. With many crypto startups having moved their operations to Hong Kong for its ease of doing business, and vibrant community of crypto and blockchain innovations.

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FAQ: Discontinuation of PSIGEN Service

As previously announced, all users trading with PSIGEN are no longer able to access this feature from the Everus wallet from February 20th.

To find out more about how the recent changes will affect users of PSIGEN, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions:



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