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Howpoo! Howdoo you poo?

Howpoo! Howdoo you poo?

Howdoo to the moon!


Desktop browser access

Hello! I had been actively uploading content to Howdoo sort of to help test out the features and such as well as following new tech trends. Recently it was changed so the platform can only be accessed via the mobile app. Will this be changed back again in the future? It would be great if we could upload our content again and help grow the Howdoo platform.

Just created an artist profile for howdoo

I'm Nat a 23 year old from Melbourne. I created an album about a month ago and decided to create an artist profile on howdoo, was just wondering about any tips for promotion and such on the application. Thanks

Connecting the dots of what most of us didn't noticed

For those who didn’t understood what howdoo is building with it’s partnership with Huawei and Visa card / IBM I would like to explain. We all now good that facebook failed with visa because they tried to make it as stable coin and they eventually was caught my regulations. Howdoo is doing it differently, they do it like Wirex, utility token that can transfer value too, so it means you will be able to spend your Udoo’s for regular day activities due to they visa cards. And partnership with Huawei is opening the gates for them to enter China market. And it’s only question of time when someone (Howdoo / Huawei / other party) will make a bridge between Howdoo wallet and Alipay / Tencent that will bring enormous amount of daily usage of they Udoo token (Basically they will deliver what Libra was willing to do), so they will be big competitor to Facebook not even in social media side but on this to. Having in mind that they have partnered with IBM that is going to provide infrastructure solutions they Crypto wallet and blockchain is going to be very secure and I guess IBM saw big potential of howdoo and will deliver enormous solution for blockchain as they did with Maersk.

So that’s why they are cool with giving away Lamborghini just for bigger exposure, so I expect to see Udoo at 1$ in 2020, and it makes me fell so good having udoos bought this summer when the blood was on the streets 😉 (Ps. Thanks Brian for pointing me out about visa card)



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