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Selling Houbi point card just 0,4usdt / point

submitted by /u/thesummit0112

API Issue retrieving historical orders

I'm trying to get all my orders using:

GET /v1/order/orders

Changing the start-date and end-date I'm able to get all I want but there are some days that the order count is greater than 18 I can't do it.

I tried:

  • Changing the size doesn't make any difference
  • If I set the 'from' field I'm able to get the next (or previous) orders but I can't go more than the first 18. If I set from with the 10th order_id I get the next 8 but not the next 18, only the remaining 8 to reach the original 18. In this case I get the next 8 instead of the desire next 18
  • Use GET /v1/order/history which works pretty well but limited to last 48hs, size works fine. I wasn't able to make it work the direct field but 1000 was enough in my case to retrieve the last trades

Thanks in advance!

One legal tool for 28 exchanges including Huobi to launch robots, watch signals and keep advanced management, free to try.

submitted by /u/V246859308

Selling Huobi points

Anyone who is interested in buying the points, a point is equal to 1 usd transaction fee and margin interest of huobi platform. You could get it with 0.5 usdt per point to pay fee with points- which is good for bot tradings. If anyone is interested in buying it, just pm me. Typically, I’ll send the point-transfer request right after receiving your msg. The transaction is legit and supported by the huobi official.

Whales accumulating HT token? Over 6,400,000 HT tokens ($30M) are withdrawn from Huobi exchange over past 1 day

submitted by /u/viewbasemod



Name Huobi Token
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