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Buying OLD bitcoin private keys & bitcoin forks


I am looking to buy maaaany small bitcoin forks (for example Bitcoin File) and also old Bitcoin private keys, obviously with the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold moved away from them. This is just because I am interested in all the smaller forks, so the keys must've held a large amount of BTC between end of 2017-2018.

If you want to sell old private keys, PM me with how many BTC roughly it had (if you're comfortable with that), and which forks have been claimed/moved already, then I'll make an offer.

If you just want to sell forks, let me know which forks you have already claimed so I can make an offer for ones possibly unclaimed. Thank you :)

Cereneum Ethereum Airdrop

The Cereneum team recently did an airdrop of Cereneum tokens to holders of Ethereum for Huobi. If you held any Eth on Huobi on May 31st at around 20:00 UTC be sure to contact Huobi to get your tokens!

Cereneum is an interest bearing token that will be used by the Crypto game company CrypTrove Games to play their games King's Ascension and Terra Novus. The tokens can be staked to earn interest as soon as you claim them, and work on a system of pooled interest, meaning the less people staked, the more interest you earn!

The team is working on getting on to exchanges, and has marketing deals in the works. Don't miss out on your tokens!

Invitation Code

Does anybody have an invitation code that actually works that I could use?

Huobi sets trap, refuses to help.

Huobi supply address for HOT and never mention the address is only for HYDRO PROTOCOL also HOT but listed as HYDRO on other exchanges.

After sending HOT Holochain to Huobi address supplied for HOT i contacted Huobi who repeat and repeat "wait until we list HOT and then email us to see if we can fix"

But they have no plan to list HOT Holochain.

Several people have now been scammed and Huobi refuse to update the address page for HOT to inform the sender that the address is for HYDRO only and any other funds sent here will become ours.

What legal response should be considered?



Name Huobi Token
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24h Low / 24h High $3.68 / $3.78

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