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A simple tweet to brighten your day. Keep a long term perspective!

A simple tweet to brighten your day. Keep a long term perspective!

By ICONists, for ICONists episode 7 - Special Edition w/ Melina & Keith from ICONNECT

By ICONists, for ICONists episode 7 - Special Edition w/ Melina & Keith from ICONNECT

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Min is working on it! Have faith!

Min is working on it! Have faith!

Knowing what investors need to hear, to feel good about ICON. And knowing how to distribute it.

There was a whole DM storm forwarded to me from a conversation with an individual on the ICON team who is doing something pretty amazing this month.

After reading it, I wondered why the information only existed in DM‘s on telegram. It should be shouted from a mountaintop. It’s not a partnership with Google or anything like that. But it’s something that shows ICON is actually pushing hard to do some really interesting and positive things for this project in China.

There has always been this underlying awareness that ICON is doing something massive. They’re just not talking about it.

Its the absence of this type of minutia that causes the price of the token to constantly drop. It’s the constant influx of new information like this that creates an overall buzz, generates interest, gets the attention of YouTube influencers, and keeps people talking positively about this project.

And despite anyone’s metrics to the contrary, this is what keeps the price afloat, if it’s done right.

ICON has increased its communication 100-fold over the last 6 months. But for whatever reason, it’s still not helping the price. Maybe this is where the metrics come from that marketing has no effect on price.

Maybe it’s just not being done the right way. Maybe the things people need to see and hear aren’t being said. I know that somebody strongly recommended a Korea office video to the ICON team a long time ago, but the idea was shot down as a waste of time and they refused to do it. As we all know now, that video single-handedly threw ICON back onto the map and got people OUTSIDE of ICON excited about this project again.

My single most important suggestion to the ICON team in February was that they hire somebody to find out what the other projects are doing to promote themselves in the cryptocurrency community.

We haven’t been on any podcasts. We haven’t been on any YouTube channels. I’ve never seen ICON mentioned on any generalized crypto news sites.

In comparison you’ll see people like Charles Hoskinson from Ethereum and now Cardano, regularly being interviewed on one of 20 different Crypto Podcasts. He’s everywhere.

That’s exposure. That reaches new audiences. The information conveyed by him in those podcasts gets picked up by others who talk about it on YouTube. Write about it on crypto news sites. There’s a ripple effect.

Even just “having a person“ who becomes recognizable to the non-ICON investor base, is valuable and important.

Maybe it can be Scott. Maybe it can be Ricky. Maybe it could’ve been Marcus from Deblock who was incredible at all of this. Maybe it can be somebody new. Maybe it can be one of the moderators in Telegram who just knows everything about ICON, and has charisma for video and audio content.

Somebody who starts tweeting exciting stuff like a madman, and knows how to do it right.

But at the end of the day, doing these things puts the ICON name in front of large groups of people in a positive manner. That’s what’s important.

It keeps the “name” in their minds. It creates familiarity. This is the value of marketing, and regardless of any metrics, this is what keeps the price up, on the aggregate, as part of an overall buzz-generating process.

You can’t just post one medium post every 2.5 weeks and say marketing is ineffective because the price didn’t rise $0.10. But you can post a video of the new ICON headquarters (interesting engaging content), and spread it all over the Internet like a lot of us did. Then watch it get picked up by YouTube influencers like it was, and then watch the price rise $0.20.

To say there’s no cause-and-effect is of course ridiculous. If it’s done right, and the content is interesting.

I got fully triggered in Telegram yesterday when a ICON employee told me that there’s “no cause-and-effect between marketing and the token price”. 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️

If this is the mentality of the ICON team then God help us all with this investment. Because that nonsense mentality was being promoted here a year ago. Please, by all means, go look at the chart again.

Some things probably can’t be talked about. I don’t know why. I don’t know who we’re protecting it from. But maybe we could start to have conversations about things that are actually happening, that can be discussed.

Or even alluded to. Generating anticipation with a vague upcoming announcement is even helpful. Just look at Justin Sun. At least we would be doing it with actual “real” things.

There’s a redeemable way to market, and a “PR stunt” way to market. It’s entirely our choice which one we want to be. Marketing does not equal PR Stunts and empty hype, unless those are the ethics and morality that you operate under in general.

So this is a decision that I guess needs to be made by ICON. I don’t even know if they’re listening. Thought I would just toss some thoughts out there anyway, to open some discussion.



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