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ionomy - Calling all indie game devs!

Token time

With XDM distribution in full swing we are one step closer to a fully activated GameGrid. Remember, XDM is the ‘fuel’ that powers GameGrid, and the release of XDM means that token development on the ION blockchain will be open to all. It has never been easier for game devs to tokenize game assets and create an in-game economy that is limited only by the developer’s imagination.


Calling all indie game devs!

The ionomy team includes gaming industry professionals who understand that a developer’s product is their original work of art, perhaps even their masterpiece. That means the artist’s work and vision must be respected. Without that spark of creative genius, there is no game, and we get that.

GameGrid focuses on what ionomy can offer to developers — resources we have and are eager to share. Principal among these is an audience. No matter how good a game is, it needs players. We can bring that audience to a game developer’s project. And we have significant experience in growing that audience and incentivizing their continued interest in the game.

At ionomy, we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we designed GameGrid to respond to a variety of needs. Our partnerships are custom tailored to maximize benefits for everyone. GameGrid allows us to provide as little or as much assistance as the developer wants or needs. We offer fundraising, development, an API for any game using Unity3D, crypto incentivization, in-game economies, and, of course, an eager audience.

Click below to find out more about GameGrid, and tell us about any indie game projects that might be ready to take the next step toward success.


XDM Update

The IEO is now complete. And what a ride it was! Dark Matter’s innovative price discovery method proved effective and informative. Price discovery was unprecedented because there was no minimum bid. Instead, the community (not a promoter) set the initial price for the asset based on a clear explanation about the asset’s extreme scarcity, utility, and deflationary protocol, along with structural incentives. The period of time between the opening bid and the moment that the top bids were filled (the Golden Hour), proved to be exciting, nerve wracking, and totally engaging. Bravo and many thanks to everyone who participated!

The numbers

The presale allocation was 50%, or 35,500 of the 71,000 hard limit of XDM units. The price discovery round was for 10% of the total supply, and by the time we got to the Golden Hour, all of those 7,100 units were spoken for. The average price based on round one’s successful bids was about 70 ION/XDM.

In the second and largest round, the total supply on offer was up to 10,650 XDM. Even though there was a built-in price increase, the second round also sold out completely.

In the third round, we went back to having 7,100 XDM on offer, but now with an even higher price. There was still continued interest, most likely because XDM is a phenomenal value at any price. But the presale was never intended to go on forever. So we made an arbitrary cut-off date for the presale of June 16. On that date, we had sold about 21,000 units of XDM. That means that out of the 35,500 that had been allocated to the presale, about 14,000 remained unsold.

Markets are open

As of the date of this Newsletter, XDM can be traded at the ionomy exchange and is paired with both ION and BTC. The current ION price is now up to about 88 ION/XDM. The unsold XDM will not be offered for sale. It will not be held in reserve.

The Darkest Hour

XDM is about scarcity and deflation. Supply starts small and gets even smaller. The principal is simple. Less supply further concentrates the value for anyone who has any XDM. For that reason, the unsold portion of XDM (over 14,000 units) will be minted with the rest of the supply and then verifiable destroyed and forever removed from circulation. This ‘deflation celebration’ will occur after the entire distribution sequence is complete.


Details regarding airdrops are being finalized, and we will share information with you as soon as it is available.

One additional note we can provide now is that ION holders with more ION in a given wallet will have a better chance of receiving airdrops. To that end, we ask that any ION holders who have small amounts in several wallets to consider consolidating their ION supply. We want to make sure no one gets left out.

Podcast Ep. #03

Get all the news from ionomy, plus discussion about the rest of the crypto world on the ionomics community podcast. New episodes available weekly.

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mpomy will be sharing his personal views about the crypto world, while also giving you an insider’s look into the world of ionomy. We hope you’ll check it out.

Get ready for tokens!The Business of Fun

Tune in Friday, April 26th, 8pm GMT (3pm Central) for the GameGrid walk-through and our next reveal.

Tune in Friday, April 26th, 8pm GMT (3pm Central) for the GameGrid walk-through and our next reveal.



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