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Can I ever move the 888,888 Kicktokens that were airdropped to my Atomic Wallet?

Can I ever move the 888,888 Kicktokens that were airdropped to my Atomic Wallet? If I can't it's not worth anything is it?


How to win in 6 easy steps:

1) Have ICO for your shitcoin 2) Make a lot of false promises and manipulate the value of your own shitcoin on scam exchanges you made deals with 3) Force a token swap to your new scam contract 4) spam a bunch of frozen shitcoin into active erc20 wallets 5) force them all to sign up for your crappy scam "exchange" that doesn't exist yet and do your crap "KYC" while destroying the value of all current shitcoin holders who invested in your token in good faith to get you where you are right now 6) sell their identities on the dark web 

"Kick Ecosystem sets new industry trends as usual." At least you're willing to step up and take responsibility for your scam.

I imagine this breaks a lot of laws in a lot of countries. Pretty ballsy thing to do.


I have emailed etherscan and a few others to have your token delisted due to abuse of the system. this is basically the same as email spam. I hope you get overrun with spam complaints in return.

⚡️888,888 KickTokens Frozen Drop to 167,375 crypto users is coming ⚡️

⚡️888,888 KickTokens Frozen Drop to 167,375 crypto users is coming ⚡️

What is the max price you hope for Kicktoken?

I'll keep this brief so it's a reddit post not a Financial Times analysis ok? I've written this in one draft so it might not be clear here and there and may be longer than its needs to, sorry about that....I'm happy to discuss as you want to.

Price : I think the most we can REALISTICALLY hope for is a value back into the single digit cents. 2 cents to 5 a maximum of less than 50 cents.... why do I think this, read below.

Aside... the word 'Realistically' doesn't take into account systemic market movements and hype. Systemic movement (aka the BTC price) or Hype could drive the price up or down unpredictably. I personally think, at least in 2020 Hype could be a factor, at least briefly.

Why 2 to 5 cents...basically as we're going to be competing with Binance and I'm valuing us against them but lets look at the Price Drivers for KICK.

Price Drivers.....If we look at the tangible drivers of price then we're left with the Management Team and the actual business (god forbid...just like a real company in the real world)

  • Management Team: Not a strong point, at least not yet. They have yet to deliver any proven value for investors (although developig an exchange product is a very good idea) . Management still deserve some respect for still driving any sort of project two years after the initial ICO and focussing on releasing a Crypto Exchange as opposed to an ICO Platform. If you want to know why I think the ICO Platform is dead (unless it moves to a regulated model) look below to (Management Team & the ICO Market:).
  • Benchmarking: Like a real 'Non Crypto' business we can benchmark ourselves (us KICK holders) against the Binance coin (BNB).
    • BNB is the top value ERC 20 token and as I write this it is worth (approximately)
      • 15 USD
      • Market Cap 2.4b USD
      • Supply: 187M

I believe it is fair to compare KICK to BNB because of all the products Management are talking about the Kick Exchange is really the viable one.

Binance's 'Net Revenues' are volatile, but in Q1 they reported 78m USD in Net Revenues (and no I have no idea how they define 'Net Revenues' or what their EBITDA is on 78m net revenues)...which is not the point. They still had an inflow of 78m.

So.....Lets assume in our hearts of hearts that Kick equal Binances revenue performance a few years from now. With 6.6b KICK tokens in distribution ( as opposed to BNB's 187m ) that values KICK at 36 cents ( Binance Market Cap / 6.6b Kick tokens) on todays BNB price.

So... if KICK's exchange is equally as profitable as Binance and all these supply numbers remain the same, then our KICK Tokens should be worth 36 cents.

Which is why my 'Guestimate' of the best we can hope for (outside of Systemic price increases or just a bubble based on hype) is 2 to 5 cents.

There is more to this....but you dont want to read a long post so I will end it here.


Disclaimer: I'm not here to bash, in fact I am cautiously optimistic on KICK and I am one of their top 100 holders (well my Wallet address is, perhaps some KICK holders have multiple wallets)


Management Team & the ICO Market: The arse falling out of the ICO concept is not Kick's Management fault and was a big contributor to the drop in price of KICK. Management were there at the peak of ICO madness. But the projects, even then we're nonsense. A big up to anyone that invested some of the 54,000 ETH that INS Ecosystem raised in 2017 to revolutionise the way we all buy our groceries. 54K ETH at Dec 2017 prices people.....someone, somewhere is a billionaire for doing fuck all and Kick helped them. I wont list a top ten of the projects that funded or didnt over the years but you can check it out at (

However now in 2019 the line up of piss poor prospective ICO's advertised is Management's fault, if there are no good ICOs to list then say so, how can the price go lower than 1 SAT (it is currently at between 2 to 3 SATs anyway).
Whilst management have probably very few prospective ICO candidates coming to them, they should have rejected the poor quality candidates and focussed on viable projects, they didn't. Some realistic honesty could have shown their quality as a management team here.

So Kickico is not a viable project (at least not now) as the ICO market isn't viable.

WHIRL and why the KICK price dropped to nothing: The decision to launch a new ICO of their own for the WHIRL project was a slap in the face for all us KICK holders. I know what they said about WHIRL being a different team and a project funded outside of Kick...but they promoted it as a Sister project.

So in effect they said "Hey, we didnt return any value for KICK investors, but now we need more money for WHIRL" which of course helped the KICK price move from a few cents USD into much, much less. Had this been the management team of a regulated stock on some regulated stock exchange that stunt would see them in dealing with multiple law suits.



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