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Can't open ticket, lost Google Auth

Opening a ticket always returns an error. Please contact me, I would like to recover my account.


Dear Reddit Users,

Bitfinex is nothing but a scam and their Kyc is their tool to frustrate you to part with your funds.

My ordeal started on the 7th of June, 2019. I received a mail that goes thus;


"As it is our mission and commitment to provide better and reliable services for all Bitfinex users, we require our users to update and/or provide Know-Your-Customer information from time to time in order to maintain the level of integrity and compliance required by international anti-money laundering as well as counter terrorist financing policies.

Accordingly, please provide us the following information/documentation:

● Reasons for transfers from and to your Bitfinex account;

● A clear and detailed explanation of your account activity and objectives;

● A detailed explanation of the sources of all funds deposited to Bitfinex; provide details on how and where you acquired the funds that were deposited to your account. Make sure to include TXids and addresses that describe the source of the funds deposited to your Bitfinex account;

● Proof of source of funds confirming how the deposited funds were originally acquired;

● Detailed descriptions of the destination you have and/or will sent/send your funds to from your Bitfinex account;

● Confirmation of whether you have ever opened and used any other account(s) on Bitfinex? If so, please provide the user name(s) and email address(es) of any account ever opened. Please explain why you operated more than one account, if applicable

In addition to answering these questions, we will need you to provide us with a scan of your current government-issued ID and a photo of you holding your photo ID. Also, please make reference to Bitfinex in a note with the date the photo was taken and your signature displayed in this last picture. Make sure the image uploaded includes your full face and that all ID details are clearly readable in an image that is at least 6 megapixels resolution taken under correct light

conditions. The images are required to be in JPG format and must be the original images taken by the camera.

You may find the example below:


Upload the described file to the " Manage Documents " section available on the Verification page of the account:

( -> "Manage Documents")."


On the 10th of June, i proceeded to providing all the necessary details mentioned above, uploading those i was asked to upload and attaching those i was asked to attach to the mail. They then asked that i provide another government issued ID(e.g; passport), i uploaded my international passport. Then they asked that i provide a screenshot of my last deposit, which i uploaded the blockchain wallet photos of when this funds were received and sent.

Then they went totally awol for the 6 days. After constantly asking them for an update, they asked me to upload a video proof of me holding my ID and also explaining my source of funds again. I proceeded to complying without any questions, they once again went awol and when i requested an update, the final nail to the coffin that got me pissed, i was asked to upload the documents listed in the very first mail which i uploaded again. To satisfy them and leave them with no excuse, i did upload new phots of all the requested documents again.

Till date, there has been no more correspondence, and the last mail shows they are not reviewing anything, they are only making use of the KYC documentation as a delay tactic to force clients into getting frustrated and forfeiting your funds but i wont.

This is a warning to intending users or existing users, i urge you to get your funds out as soon as possible and close your account, i can see this has happened to a lot of people and 95% of all cases are left unresolved. Do not get yourself in any of this mess and avoid having same issues with me.


Major Crypto Exchange Bitfinex to Briefly Go Offline for Upgrade Next Week

Major Crypto Exchange Bitfinex to Briefly Go Offline for Upgrade Next Week

Unable to trade or create support tickets, not sure who to contact.

I created an account to purchase some $leo, I get an error that says "Compliance: restricted (unv)"

when i try to submit a support ticket i get an error telling me "Failed to create ticket" Submission failed due to invalid data: please retry"

not sure who to contact for this. I see bitfinex support posts here frequently so hoping they see this.

Unus Sed Leo (LEO) From Bitfinex: The New Comer That Landed Top 13 Instantly

submitted by /u/igortt



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