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LEO Token
LEO Token (LEO)
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Like so many other people posting here, bitfinex is ILLEGALLY holding my money, I wish to terminate my account with them (and take my money in case it wasn't obvious) but all I get is the run around 'contact support' who then tells me they want all this crazy KYC, I tell them no, and I want to close me account and they go silent.

I guess this company is going under pretty soon? No way this bad of customer service is a healthy business.

Ticket: 327946 Please do not say 'contact support'. I have over 20 emails of their useless support. I want my money and never see this bad site again.

My accounts have been freeze

Yesterday, when I tried to withdraw my funds, I got a mail:

As it is our mission and commitment to provide better and reliable services for all Bitfinex users, we require our users to update and/or provide Know-Your-Customer information from time to time in order to maintain the level of integrity and compliance required by international anti-money laundering as well as counter terrorist financing policies.

Accordingly, please provide us with the following details:

  • A proof of source of funds confirming how the deposited funds were originally acquired.
  • A detailed description of the destination you are sending your funds to from your Bitfinex account
  • Reasons for transfers from and to your Bitfinex account;
  • A clear and detailed explanation your account activity and objectives.
  • A detailed explanation of the sources of all funds deposited to Bitfinex; provide details on how and where you acquired the funds that were deposited to your account. Make sure to include TXids and addresses that describe the source of the funds deposited to your Bitfinex account.
  • Have you ever opened and used any other account(s) on Bitfinex? If so please provide the user name(s) and email address(es) of any account ever opened. explain why you operated more than one account, if you have

Please send us this information as soon as possible. We reserve the right to require further particulars and documentation from you.

Thank you for your anticipated co-operation and note that any restrictions on your account will not be released until ALL the requested information and documentation has been received:

My account is verified, I have not break to the terms of use.

I am an administrator of a mining pool, and all funds in my account were earned honestly. Also I try to trade.And I didn't do anything illegal.

Support is silent for 1 day, I need my money!

Ticket number: #251308


Hi guys,

can someone explain LiquidBTC? I need a way to transfer money/values to another user and it looks like a fee-free option.

I can't buy it directly, so ist my BTC==LiquidBTC?

Thanks in advance!

New Tools for an Enhanced Reporting Framework

New Tools for an Enhanced Reporting Framework



Name LEO Token
Symbol LEO
Rank #14
LEO Token price $1.09
Market Cap $1,083,266,688
Trading Volume $2,261,154
24h Low / 24h High $1.07 / $1.11

All time high

All time high $2.03
All time high date 2019-06-26 (2 months ago)
Since all time high -46.13 %


24 hours -1.36 %
7 days 2.09 %
14 days -1.09 %
30 days -18.33 %
60 days -13.77 %


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