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The AMA nerves.

As someone who has held MCO since very early and whose portfolio is a good chunk of MCO I have a nervous feeling about this AMA. has so far done everything perfectly in terms of getting things right, and making sure that they are getting the fundamentals done correctly even if it takes longer. They are communicative and let us know what is happening as best they can.

However the witchhunt that is the airdrop has left me a bit bitter. This AMA will be, in my opinion, a shit sandwich. We will be given some good news, followed by the bad news which is we are not getting any more CRO for our commitments, followed by more good news (likely a USA shipping date).

My concern is that unless they handle the airdrop pull correctly, they will damage the trust of the founders and long term followers and that is not where they want to place themselves.

I hope that Kris and the team are viewing the comments, and continue to do things in the correct way.

I do appreciate that rules change and you need to be dynamic, however there are other options and this week of darkness has not been nice while the market drops, I really don't want to see MCO in the red Thursday morning.

My 2 pennies.

Payment Protocol Support

What's the communities thoughts on the lack of Payment Protocol (BIP70) support within Any chance we'll see it in the future? I'm encountering more and more merchants requiring its support, which rules out directly paying from

FAQ: CRO Airdrop, Moving MCO into Earn, Signup Bonus, MCO staked vs Benefits, How to calculate the Earn Interest.

Disclaimer: I do not represent, nor do I work for them. These are just questions I've asked and had answered by support, and I figured the MCO community would have the same questions. So I'm sharing this information with you. Be sure to do your own homework, and ask crypto support to avoid financial risk or losses.

Q: Now that the CRO airdrop has been cancelled, will I still get my allocated CRO if I move my MCO to another wallet or sell them?

A: No you would not, the MCO have to remain in your MCO wallet, but you can unlock them, and move them into "Earn". The # of MCO tokens must continue to be maintained at the same level for the remaining period of the 12 months.

Q: If I have 500 MCO, how can I move them into Earn and still receive 8% interest?

A: Unlock your MCO, move 450 mco into Earn, then relock 50 MCO, you will get 8% interest. (or basically the staked reward). You only need 50 MCO locked.

Q: If I move my MCO into "Earn", do I lose my CRO allocation?

A: No you do not, as long as your MCO are in your crypto app wallet, you will not be penalized. You have to maintain the number of MCO as before.

Q: Do I still get netflix and spotify benefits if I only lock 50MCO if I have a 500 MCO card?

A: No, you do not, youd have to relock your 500 MCO to get that benefit.

Q: I referred my friend, but they did not get the signup bonus.

A: It will be credited after 90 days, the signup credit does not show anywhere in the app until then.

Q: How is the "Earn" Per Anum Interest Calculated?

A: Lets say I want to find out how much I make with 8% per anum interest, with 450 MCO tokens in Earn

(8% / 365) * 450 = 0.09863013699 MCO per Day (roughly 2.95890411 MCO tokens per month)

Then you multiply the gained tokens by its value to see what youve earned in EURO or USD.

In this case, 450 mco tokens in Earn @ 8% nets you about 15 Euros / month.

Thats about 1/4th of what we used to earn with CRO airdrops (or less).

Same formula applies to cro staking.

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Increase cash back with CRO

Match all card cash back with CRO ie. black card 5% MCO + 5% CRO = 10% back. Kill every card out there. It should last longer than 5 years before the original %of CRO for airdrops is used. Let it be unlocked immediately and let people trade in the app (revenue) possibly putting Lotts of buy pressure on MCO. If it doesn’t last 5 years people are using the cards like crazy Major win! I said this a long time ago but someone thought airdrops were a better idea. Use the cards!!!



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