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Monero Konferenco 06/22-23/2019

Monero Konferenco 06/22-23/2019

Which model (RAM) of Raspberry Pi 4 for full node?

Hi,I would like to buy the new Raspberry Pi 4 to run a full node. I already have an SSD and was waiting for a bit more power on the little device. Honestly I don't know how much RAM I would need? Is 1 GB sufficient? There will be no other services running on the Pi.Thanks for feedback.

For those who are not aware: the PI foundation now offers models with
- 1 GB
- 2 GB
- 4 GB

As much as I like the Konferenco. Keep in mind that any conference is creating future risks for individuals and the project itself

Anonymity is essential. A network graph of real live identities is a serious offline attack vector. We should handle it as such.

Corruption comes in many facets. It can come from social engineering or from losing critical thinking skills. There are obviously upsides to new formed friendships over a beer. There's obviously a need for such conferences.

However giving up anonymity shouldn't be an easy choice.

Understanding the value of anonymity for this very project is paramount. The more contributors to Monero stay anonymous, the more we can focus on ideas and code over people. And the less there are vectors to derail debate and divide us into groups and tribes.

So let me get this straight.. Bullet-stopping drones that mine monero has been given the greenlight by the federal government to be deployed to schools across America ??

I'm pretty sure that's what i just heard in the monero konferenco. and also she said monero will be near impossible to be 51% attacked with 1.9 million armored devices using it

EDIT: Kind of surprised how many people think drones, thermal tech, and bullet stopping armor is somehow science fiction in 2019. This is all very old tech that existed decades ago.

We’re LIVE at MoneroKon 2019 w/ Fluffy Pony & Howard Chu!

We’re LIVE at MoneroKon 2019 w/ Fluffy Pony & Howard Chu!



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