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Monero (XMR) News

Guarda Wallet now gives you a TX key after a XMR transaction!

Guarda Wallet now gives you a TX key after a XMR transaction!

Hiding data in Monero blockchain

Is there any kind of smart contract functionality in Monero? I'm looking for a way to "hide" some data in the blockchain and reveal it only after a payment is made.

Edit: it is obviously very simple to do this with a helper service that checks for payments and decrypts/sends the key after the payment, so my question is how to do this without a helper service.

Skepticism Sunday – January 26, 2020

Please stay on topic: this post is only for comments discussing the uncertainties, shortcomings, and concerns some may have about Monero.

NOT the positive aspects of it.

Discussion can relate to the technology itself or economics.

Talk about community and price is not wanted, but some discussion about it maybe allowed if it relates well.

Be as respectful and nice as possible. This discussion has potential to be more emotionally charged as it may bring up issues that are extremely upsetting: many people are not only financially but emotionally invested in the ideas and tools around Monero.

It's better to keep it calm then to stir the pot, so don't talk down to people, insult them for spelling/grammar, personal insults, etc. This should only be calm rational discussion about the technical and economic aspects of Monero.

"Do unto others 20% better than you'd expect them to do unto you to correct subjective error." - Linus Pauling

How it works:

Post your concerns about Monero in reply to this main post.

If you can address these concerns, or add further details to them - reply to that comment. This will make it easily sortable

Upvote the comments that are the most valid criticisms of it that have few or no real honest solutions/answers to them.

The comment that mentions the biggest problems of Monero should have the most karma.

As a community, as developers, we need to know about them. Even if they make us feel bad, we got to upvote them.

To learn more about the idea behind Monero Skepticism Sunday, check out the first post about it:



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