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Suggestion to replace term "Pending" with "Claimable"

example of where the term "Pending" is used:

the problem with "pending" is that it commonly refers to the network, so a lot of people unfamiliar with how receiving works in Nano will assume that the transaction didn't go through and ask something like "why is my transaction still pending after 6 hours??"

now if we would use the term... preferably not the negative term "unclaimed" but specifically "claimable" – it would be clear to the user that "hey, the transaction appears as claimable so i can claim it. how would i do that? by opening the wallet? great, thank you!"

it's much shorter than my previous "awaiting user receive" suggestion, but just as indicative of what has to be done, and there's no possible confusion that it refers to the network (this is important).

how it would look if it was replaced with "Claimable":

please note that the primary goal here is to replace the term "pending" as it is misleading, however as this discussion usually results in choosing term for every possible state of a transaction, here are my suggestions based on feedback from the Nano Discord community:

from the standpoint of sender: Sent -> Delivered -> Claimed

from the standpoint of receiver: Pending -> Claimable -> Claimed

Delivered/Claimable is when the transaction has been fully confirmed (another term) by the network.

Claimed is when the recipient has opened their wallet and claimed the incoming transaction (usually done by the wallet automatically), after which the funds have been added to the available/confirmed balance, which is used as voting weight

Self-hosted special edition Ask Me Anything with Json

The last AMA with Colin was very successful so please check there before you ask the same questions or have a look at this summary. I also suggest using the Reddit search function (new Reddit). Other than that, feel free to ask me anything! It's more likely you will get an answer if it's somehow related to Nano =)

Some disclaimers:

  • I'm not by any means even remotely close the Colin-level of protocol knowledge but I will try my best finding your answer
  • I have not the ability to answer things that are not public knowledge, like "wen website, Kraken, Coinbase"
  • Questions that require a personal opinion will be just that and nothing more. Please don't take it too seriously.
  • If I can't answer or don't have the time I will respond with "Help needed" and hopefully this awesome community comes to the rescue!

I will be available for about 8 hours.

Trading is coming to the Brainblocks wallet

A work in progress and not available yet apparently but it's coming according to this tweet.

I wonder if "keep your money off exchanges" will apply here or if it's considered to be a valid Nano wallet.

Nano principal representatives just became more decentralized than Bitcoin mining pools

Check it out for yourself:

This is a good example of how Nano's Open Representative Voting consensus mechanism leads to more decentralization over time.

Nano users (not miners) have direct control over the network's level of decentralization, and they can remotely re-delegate their voting weight to anyone at any time.


Deposit & Withdrawal temporary suspended on Huobi due to a wallet upgrade

submitted by /u/Joohansson



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