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Live Network Stress Testing Update - V18, V19, and Beyond

Greetings Nanites!

Some of the more observant of you have probably noticed live network stress testing going on during the past few months. We are happy to say that after several iterations on our stress code, recording code, and other tools, we were able to finally test the network in a deliberate and reproducible way over the last couple of weeks. This adds to the data we collected in February and March using different methods. The accounts used for our various tests are visible on-chain under this representative.

Although I'm sure a lot of you would love to see the results of this testing, a public release will likely not happen for several months. For starters, the amount of data is massive and will take a lot of time to fully analyze. Additionally, we plan to replicate our testing on V19, which will not be live for a few weeks. Finally, we plan to have the results peer reviewed, which may incur additional delays.

The final release of our report will include our testing methods and results in a scientific report format in addition to a more accessible Medium post. Our stress testing code will not be released publicly.

We understand that testing on the live network is frowned upon by the development team and some of the community. We hold a different opinion due to several factors:

  • The beta network is a very poor representation of the live network, due to differences in hardware, usage, geography, service providers, and overall node versions.
  • Testing on the live network helps identify problems for service providers under load that would otherwise go undetected. It is better to identify these issues during testing than under a malicious spam attack.
  • Comparing live network data to beta network data is the only method to identify issues with the current node/voting weight distribution and provide appropriate recommendations.
  • Stress testing on the live network identifies representatives that are running with inadequate hardware.

Lastly, we would like to apologize for any network disruptions during testing. None of our testing was announced before the test to prevent anyone from changing hardware or anyone from conducting concurrent testing which would have ruined our testing targets. Fortunately, our V19 testing will be much less disruptive as we now have defined testing targets based on our V18 testing.

We look forward to crunching this data and getting it to you (eventually)!

Nano from Purchased on an exchange to your wallet in 50 seconds

submitted by /u/nanoissuperior

NANO ranks #9 blockchain project in terms of the activity on the blockchain

submitted by /u/Koba7

Wow, what an amazing buy experience

I just need to share this fantastic experience with you. It has been a while since I bought nano. Today I decided to buy some more because I am happy and confident. I wanted to try Bitvavo, after I saw an enthusiastic post about it last month.

Everything when super smooth and it was very very cheap.

First I authorized myself by entering a texted code and uploading my passport (I am Dutch btw). The passport was authorized within 2 minutes. Then I deposited a sum of euros, directly through iDeal. The money was there within 20 seconds. Then I paid the same for the nano as was displayed at that time on CMC. The fee for ~300 nano was 1 euro and 12 cents. After that I withdraw my new nano to my natrium wallet. The withdrawal costs 0.00025 nano. It was right there in 15 seconds.

Everything was done during my 5 minute metro ride home.

This was great and it makes the temptation to buy more even bigger. So be careful, hehe. Try it with a small amount first if you think this story is too good to be true.

Launching (Patreon like site powered by Nano)

Hey guys,

we would like to share awesome news that we're launching promised crowdfunding site already today.

Feel free to check out our support page, follow our twitter and join our discord channel to get the latest news.

If you are digital content creator feel free to register on our site and use the subscription/membership features for your supporters for free (forever).

Donano Team



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