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Nano fiat purchases are available now on ChangeNOW!

submitted by /u/iB0mmel

Visualizing Nano Beta Network at 750 CPS (for real this time!) - Now with dynamic car speed, live CPS stats and off-screen transactions - 20k tx in 28sec

submitted by /u/Joohansson

Introduced a co-worker to NANO today

My co-worker has developed an interest in crypto over the last month and recently bought some BTC and ETH but hadn’t really ventured out into other coins.

Had him download the Natrium Wallet and sent him 1 NANO and to his amazement it was received before he was able to swipe away his QR code screen.

We decided to do the same with BTC via Coinbase. So he went to send me $.67 worth of BTC and was given an error that it needed to be roughly $ .87 and charged him $.11 to send. It’s been nearly an hour and I still haven’t received the BTC.

My question to everyone here is, why are the masses so in love with BTC? I get it from a store of value and speculative asset standpoint but as an actual decentralized currency it kind of sucks. What does the community need to help showcase what NANO has to offer?

Anyway sorry for the word wall, I’ll do what I can to introduce curious minds to NANO and love all the stuff I’ve seen on here of others doing the same.

Explain me better the Nano "blockchain"

Are there full nodes with all transactions since nano was created?

I know that Nano's blockchain track balances of wallets, not transactions. Therefore there should be no transaction history but there are explorers... So the transactions are "forgotten" after a certain amount of time or?

I'm lil confused..


a shower thought for spam resistance - staking or balance

just a shower thought, going through the discussion of DPOW i didnt notice mentioning the balance of the "account" as factor to prioritize the transaction.

emulating the POS coins, mainly eos, its has no fees of transacting, where if you own and stake more coins you get more resources, and get to use the chain smoothly.

wouldnt be possible to simulate that, where the more nano you have the higher priority you get in congested network which makes it harder to spam the network with no stake in it




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