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Nano PvP Beta 2.0

Hey guys, I've been polishing up the site in the past couple of days and now it is finally back up (v2.0).

There's now a "My Games" button so you guys can view your past bets (in case they finish when you are AFK). All you need to do is enter your Nano address and it'll pull up your history.

I've also fixed the backend issues with withdrawals and pending txs. However, I really suggest only betting small amounts (< 50="" nano)="" in="" case="" a="" bug="" does="" present="">

My next steps are implementing a referral system and a lottery-type game where any amount of users can contribute to a pot. Both seem fun to implement. Once again, if you experience any problems or suggestions, send me a PM and I'll respond ASAP.

- NanoPvP

OneFastWay - Multiplayer NANO Cards Game

hey since you guys requested this so much here it is

Logic : Each player Deposit 1 NANO, When 4 users deposit, card is generated and the Winner takes All the money !


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