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Nano ESP8266 Trigger Build Guide - The Nano Center - Medium (From Nano UK Meet-Up 2019)

submitted by /u/jayycox

Natrium v2.0.9 - Update on "Unreceivable" Funds

Natrium v2.0.9 was released yesterday on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

The biggest change is a fix that caused the incorrect address to be shown in the settings account list under certain circumstances.

Example, if you open Natrium for the first time and tap "New Wallet", then go back, then tap "New Wallet" again and go through all of the setup steps as normal you would find that the "Main Account" shown in the settings is different than the actual account.

(This can be seen in this screenshot)

Two users that we know about had this occur and they copied this bad address (the second address in the above screenshot would be the bad one) by going to the "edit account" screen where you can change the name, copy the address, etc.

Unfortunately for these two users they sent nano to this incorrect address (example here). These funds were burnt, because that address was essentially cached from a different seed (a seed that they didn't back up and wasn't relevant to them, generated during the intro process as mentioned above)

In total, 211.95 NANO was lost by these two users and we have reimbursed them from the Natrium representative/donation account after learning that the funds were not recoverable.

The v2.0.9 update fixes this issue, even though it's relatively obscure and affected a small amount of users, we encourage updating as soon as possible just in case you are affected by this bug.

Because it requires a very specific amount of steps to reproduce this bug, we didn't catch it. Unfortunately some other users did. The affected users were very helpful in helping us track it down and reproduce it (we spent a few hours at least trying to figure out how to reliably reproduce it)

Anyway, that's all and the main thing that's fixed in v2.0.9



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I’ve got this sticker for 18 months already, no one even asked once about it... where is adoption? 🤔

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Square Is Expanding Access to Bitcoin Deposits for Cash App Users - CoinDesk

submitted by /u/ExtraSynaptic

4 Reasons to get Excited About the Penny/Nano Exchange - The Merkle Hash

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