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Let us make NULS more popular than EOS! Leave a Like for NULS and make NULS the #1 cryptocurrency

Let us make NULS more popular than EOS! Leave a Like for NULS and make NULS the #1 cryptocurrency

This could or could not be bad...

Hey guys, I’m a bit of noob when it comes to crypto but I need your help.. I currently have my NULS stored on Binance

Do I need to do anything with them or is leaving them on Binance fine? I was reading some other thread on here about swapping Nuls tokens? Any help would be great

Wallet not reflecting

Hey friends,

I bought some Nuls almost a year ago and staked it, and haven't really looked at it since. I'm looking at it now using the same Nuls wallet i downloaded back then.
When I open the wallet app in my browser, it's saying I have 1390.01958 Nuls.

However when I copy the public key into, it's saying I have 2337.75514467 as per the last stake reward.

Is the wallet incorrect here? How do I know which one is correct and how can i get the two values in sync?
For reference, the public key is NsdypNnYkWPDJQ4VA5bGSMms98bb9EdU

link to

Link to screenshot of my wallet app:

Swapping ERC20 NULS for MainNet NULS

Is it possible to swap ERC20 NULS for the current blockchain NULS? I appreciate any help you can provide.

Cant access my funds


I tryed to withdraw my staked funds and it has been 3 days and I still see in transaction history "confirming withdraw". Im quite sure this shouldnt take this long.

Current situation is that Im not staking and I cannot send my funds anywhere. If I try to withdraw again - it says "repeated transaction", if I try to send money away from wallet - it says "failed, waiting for sync block finish".

Does anyone have any idea what to do? Any response would be greatly appreciated.




Name Nuls
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