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PayPie Updates

Hello everyone, we have some terrific news to share, so here you go!

Without further ado: PayPie was selected as one of the 10 QuickBooks App Showdown Finalists and will be featured in a showcase at QuickBooks Connect! For starters, we simply want to say THANK YOU for your amazing support in the voting competition! Your outstanding efforts pushed us to the top! We finished the voting competition with the most votes and that was all thanks to you, our beloved community. So, thank you guys, you are simply the best.

Even though voting and other customer success aspects were essential to PayPie being named a finalist, the software quality itself also accounted for the heavy-lifting work from Intuit's perspective. The main meat came from Intuit's judgment on real product quality and impact, which is amazing. Their criteria encompassed a 25% weight accounted for the quality of the integration built with QBO, another 25% for how well the product solves a small business problem and how innovative and different it is, and 20% for how valuable and impactful the product is in market potential. What being selected as a finalist really means is that Intuit itself sees PayPie as a quality product with disruptive market potential. The team is ecstatic and we can’t wait to put our best foot forward in the final.

Being a finalist is a victory in and of itself. Through this one win alone, PayPie will:

  • Have the opportunity to directly address thousands of accounting professionals and SMEs on the event's main stage.
  • Engage in constant exposure boosters through Intuit’s social and targeted channels.
  • Enjoy exclusive joint marketing opportunities with QuickBooks for a six-month period in 2019!

We will seize every opportunity of it for the greatest benefit of the platform. In case you're considering attending, Intuit shared the promo code QBCSPONSOR for a 20% attendees discount.

You can read Intuit's official announcement here:

For those who are not familiar with Intuit, Intuit develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants, and individuals. The extensive list of their proprietary software includes QuickBooks and Turbo Tax. Intuit serves over 40 million users worldwide, is has an annual revenue of over 5 billion dollars (2017) and a market cap of nearly 60 billion dollars (2018). It’s one of the best business partners any company could ever have.

"We are very happy to announce PayPie as a Top 10 finalist in our Small Business App Showdown” said Alex Barnett, Director of the Intuit Developer Group. “This year’s competition has a great showing of app finalists from across the globe and we are confident that with the addition of PayPie to our app ecosystem, PayPie will provide even more value and benefits to our customers.”

Nice words Alex. We are excited to provide even more value to customers worldwide too. PayPie will take over QuickBooks Connect with one sponsored booth at the exhibitors' hall, one contest finalist booth in a special section, and with a speech by Nick, our CEO, in a blockchain-themed panel at the event! All fronts are covered, let's do it!

Now moving on to the Single Ledger!

We are thrilled to announce that the Single Ledger is progressing greatly and that we have three exciting cornerstones already live and ready for you to check out right now. It's too much information to be shared in a single email, so we split it up for you in easy bites, here you go.

First, our CEO, Nick Chandi, wrote an outstanding blog post introducing the Single Ledger to the world. This article will give you a clear vision of what the Single Ledger is all about and serve as an initial guide for educating readers about the disruption we are bringing to the financial scene.

Read the article:

Second, we have a briefly-done but insightful short demo of the Single Ledger's proof of concept (POC) narrated by Nick. The demo was done in a non-technical format to reach broader audiences:

Watch the video:

Last but not least, we have a full Single Ledger website up and running! This will serve as the go-to spot for interested parties to get to know about the Single Ledger capacities.

Visit the website:

There's plenty of new information for you to dive in. Single Ledger will immensely strengthen the PayPie platform. The mission of PayPie’s Single Ledger initiative is to connect businesses in order to further develop a trusted, self-validating ecosystem with the potential to radically change current business models. It will further empower our risk assessment to never-seen standards. Enjoy!



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