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New to presearch - have some questions

Hey I just found out Presearch! It's based on its own tokens so how do I get paid? Like from which site do I give my ether address from? I have an account on Coinbase so will that work?

Secondly, did anyone actually got paid from it? Is it worth it?

New to Presearch

Hello, I am new to Presearch and have a few recommendations from a complete outsiders perspective.

So far the search aspect has been great.

The user experience is OK but I think if you call yourself decentralized you should not force people to create an account with an email address and other info.

I would like to see MetaMask be used for the token wallet and account creation.

Also, is your "Presearch engine" search algorithm open source?

Will you be crawling and indexing ENS domains at some point?

Why i'm not optimistic about Presearcch

Because that tread is 1 year old and still actual

" The website is currently undergoing a reconstruction to reflect the number of changes that have taken place personnel wise. "
> no update

" Better communication is definitely a priority here at Presearch. Much of the work over the recent months has included, and will continue to include, ongoing efforts to put the resources and processes in place to help us better communicate with our excellent Presearch Community. We take this responsibility very seriously. "
> same communication.




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