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What will NPXS utility on F(X) blockchain when there is native f(x) coin?

As per the functionx website it is mentioned that in future NPXS will be used for following : "NPXS / NPXSXEM are tokens designed to be utilized in the Pundi X point-of-sale network, including purchasing of the XPOS devices, XPASS cards, crypto transaction fees, token listing fees, app listing fees and advertisements on XPOS. NPXS is an ERC20 token and sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain, NPXSXEM is a NEM token sitting on top of the NEM blockchain"

What i am not clear is the part regarding XPOSS devices, XPASS cards and crypto transaction fees?...if f(x) coin is the native token of F(X) blockchain then how can transaction fees will be paid in NPXS?...does F(X) blockchain will allow transaction fees to be paid in other tokens apart from f(x) coin?...also for XPOSS and XPASS will merchants and users be forced to buy these devices and cards using NPXS only?

If anyone can help answering these questions, will be great.

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Hello fellow Pundians, I just finished liking all posts about Pundi X on Twitter Facebook Reddit YouTube and other social media. I also retweeted many posts.

Please everyone supporting Pundi X, dont forget to show your support on social media, I believe it does a huge difference if more people come across Pundi X and its will help our bags grow in value.

[Notification] The change of daily start time for NPXS/NPXSXEM- FX conversion

submitted by /u/crypt0hodl1

Convert button not showing on IOS?

Convert button is not showing on the conversion page on XWallet IOS app even though I am KYC verified. Is anyone else facing a similar issue?

FX conversion, far from fair ?

Day 3 of conversion: 50 000 requests. 97 wallets manage to take 100% of the daily distribution in 7 s. Both functionX and Pundi X twitter account were proud to tweet/retweet this.

So, how can we be proud that 0.1% of the people who tried to convert did it?

I took me literally 5s to push the "convert" button and it was already too late.

My point is, I start to believe that the distribution is not fair during the nice conversion rate and I believe that the team will wake up in few days/weeks with a nice “We heard you; we are going to change the conversion rule for more fairness…”

People already proposed easy solution like a maximal NPXS conversion depending on the daily rate.

Could we have some explanation from the team, or do we have to accept that Pundi X vision of Fx is “everything for 0.1% of the users; others please deal with it ” ?



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