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Weekly Discussion Thread - November 11th 2019

A weekly thread to discuss all things Quant and the ever changing DLT landscape.

- Please keep it respectful. Being rude or antagonising will result in a removal from the sub-reddit.

New Medium article: A deeper look into the Quant Network Utility Token (QNT) valuation dynamics and fundamentals

Dear all,

I am pleased to share with you my 3rd Medium article on Quant Network. This time, it is about taking a deep dive into the QNT token, and the market and business context it evolves into in order to better understand its valuation parameters.

The article covers:

- The differences between the QNT Utility Token and a regular Company Share

- What happens to the token needs as Quant Network company operates

- The high level valuation mechanics in the stock market for technology/software companies

- The forces which will drive demand and value for the QNT token from a business standpoint

- The type of revenues one might think of when we look at the longer term potential of Overledger, in the context of what other companies have been able to achieve since the Internet as we know it today emerged

The idea is to help shed further light on these areas, so that the community can gain a better understanding of what this is all about - and also get a better sense of the usage of the token and the subsequent safety net/potential provided by its utility design. It's a bit more technical than usual, but that is the price to pay to go through these important issues I'm afraid...!

As always, I would appreciate if you can help share it around so that it reaches maximum exposure, and hopefully help as many people as possible discover more about Quant Network's very promising potential!

Many thanks

(Medium link:

Investment in Quant and what to expect

If this shit doesn't hit 500 next bullrun I QUIT

Gilbert Verdian speaking at Healthcare Unblocked 2019, Armenia.

Gilbert Verdian speaking at Healthcare Unblocked 2019, Armenia.

Quant X 2019 Agenda

Quant X 2019 Agenda



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