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QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Aug 09 — Aug 22, 2019

QuarkChain Bi-weekly Project Progress Report: Aug 09 — Aug 22, 2019

QuarkChain Is Prepared to Support Digital Yuan!

QuarkChain Is Prepared to Support Digital Yuan!

QuarkChain Weekly AMA Summary-08/10/2019

QuarkChain Weekly AMA Summary-08/10/2019

Where Altcoins are heading?

Strange though this might sound, the most interesting path of progress unfolds specifically for altcoins. On the one hand, they do not have extreme popularity and a five-digit dollar price, but on the other hand, they have the motivation to create new promising models and occupy various industry niches, largely due to the technical capabilities of their projects. Since the technology itself is still at a development stage, and Bitcoin has already taken its position as a “digital gold” and an asset for long-term investments, several promising areas are still open for altcoins.

  1. Digital currency market. The ability to succeed in the market is feasible through the fast transactions and the block size with the validity of its growth. This direction is available for those projects that plan their development several steps forward and work on their engagement with other cryptocurrencies, exchanges, and the fiat economy.
  2. Existing business models. Cryptoplatfoms that are designed to meet new solutions for various industries. Here we are talking about a wide range of things such as personal data, smart contracts, dapps, the Internet of things, sharing economy, various social networks, etc.

Altcoins’ potential will eventually influence its price. According to many predictions, shortly we are in for the next altcoin season. With BTC dominance breaking above 60%, it certainly seems like the times are coming for altcoins to enjoy new highs. Fundstrat’s Tom Lee agrees that the time of the altcoins could be almost upon us. Quoting crypto traveler ‘Heidi’, Lee concurred;

“This ALT season reminds me of the early days of the 2017 bull. Some will pop, some will stay quiet until they don’t. However, I am now seeing a lot of small caps exploding higher.”

Here are a few more arguments by experts in this field regarding the prospects of altcoin:

“Bitcoin cranking up, but the real winners, beginning soon, pwill be the alt coins 10x + the rise in Bitcoin. Top of the heap will be the ones most beaten down in the Bear Market - Docademic, Apollo, XTZ, etc.”, John McAfee, British-American computer programmer, and businessman.

“I can say with confidence that the altcoin season will begin together with the adoption of technology, it is the technology that will determine the future liquidity of the market of altcoins and the general vector of market development. The future season of altcoins won't cover the whole list of altcoins, it will be related to the coins that present definite value for the industry”, Igor Chugunov, CEO at Credits

“If Altcoins finally reach its season, it will be astronomical and I see where coins like DENT, HOLO CHAIN, NPXS, VET and BTT can jump 70x within 2 weeks due to whales pumping and dumping manipulation. While BAT, ENJ, THETA, ZILLIQA, QUARKCHAIN, CREDITS, AUGUR, RAVENCOIN, MIOTA, BNB, etc. would multiple over 50x within 2 weeks”, Michael Shore, Chief Operating Officer at Mayax Corporation Inc.

What future developments would quarkchain expect would be most appealing to larger institutions?

What future developments would quarkchain expect would be most appealing to larger institutions?



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