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submitted by /u/r3ginald

What is the best way to buy and trade ravencoin if one lives in the shitty state on New York?

submitted by /u/Mech34

Nice support from tZero

Nice support from tZero

Mining 100 RVN per day, now it's 300! How did I do that?

I am and will be until it proves useless, a RVN miner. I believe in the project and many new coins are incorporation many of the RVN ideals, so other believe in RVN so much, they want to make new coins to fit into what RVN is about. Problem is, over the last month or so now, I have dropped from making upwards of 500 RVN, even up to 700 a couple of times, down to just over 100 RVN per day. To top it off, with the RVN flooding the marketplace, prices are below the minimum necessary to show any profit at all. All because the ASIC's and perhaps FPGA's breaking into a coin that is only suppose to mine using GPU/CPUs.

I will continue mining, and up until now, I have not been trading, only holding. But, I have come up with a plan and have been using it now for a few days. I have temporarily turned my RVN miners into Veil miners. I am doing this for one reason, to get more RVN. I will continue mining Veil until just before the new fork comes. I will than exchange my Veil for BTC and then to RVN. At current rates, I should see about 3 RVN for each Veil when it is all said and done.

I am telling this, just encase there are others who have shutdown their miners until the fork. I gave that thought, but I do not want to buy RVN, only mine it. This is the best way I can do that right now. So, if you like this idea, by all means use it. It should work fine, and it does not hurt RVN at all because it is being mined by the wrong people right now anyways.

I wanna test X16RV2 by testnet, but which miner software support X16RV2 by now?

I wanna test X16RV2 by testnet, but which miner software support X16RV2 by now?

I checked ccminer/enemy-1.03 but it dos not support X16RV2



Name Ravencoin
Symbol RVN
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Ravencoin price $0.03380
Market Cap $150,587,948
Trading Volume $26,422,641
24h Low / 24h High $0.03233 / $0.03605

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All time high date 2019-06-03 (3 months ago)
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