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Development update for week of Jan 19th, 2020


The Sia team published the Release Candidate 2 of the upcoming version for beta testing among the contributors. This new RC features multiple bug fixes and an enhanced performance (more bellow). This is expected to be the final RC before the final release.

Development progress

  • DavidVorick completed the initial implementation of sialinks, the cornerstone of the upcoming file sharing and content delivery network capabilities of Sia (link). Blog posts introducing this new powerful technology will follow soon.
  • Lukechampine and DavidVorick have improved considerably the speed (+10-15%) and the CPU usage (~30%) of file downloads by updating the merkle tree library of Sia and adding a buffer for file writing operations (link 1 and link 2).
  • Marcinja added support for creating Sia releases for Raspberry Pi computers (and linux/arm64 hardware in general) (link).
  • MSevey added to the alerts system warnings about contracts in need of a renewal or refreshing but are however are failing to do it (link).

Other news

Chris Schinnerl published a blog post detailing the Sia streaming capabilities.

Call to action

If you want to contribute to the Sia codebase, there is a good opportunity to help with a task suitable for beginners! An alert integrated in the Sia alerts system is needed for renters running low on funds while forming contracts and renewing them (link).


3 Nebulous repo were updated. 18 MRs were merged. GitLab users pjbrone, marcinja, eddiewang, MSevey, ChrisSchinnerl, lukechampine and DavidVorick had code contributions merged into Sia.

Are there any plans to include file syncing in Sia-UI?

Just now testing out Sia, and I can see you're able to upload a folder, but it doesn't sync with said folder.

Any plans for this?

I tried searching around and see there are some third party options, but most of them look like dead projects.



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