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Luxury Ships?

Almost all the company's are building industrial ships, and for good reason. But what about recreational ships? Would you buy a ship shaped like a 1970 Cadillac? What would people use it for; ambassador transport, high ranking officials?

Im creating said ship above in a 3D model, will post my idea when done!

This game could be good.

I’ve recently come upon this game after looking up the top MMOs coming in 2019-2020. This game was 2nd on the list. I’ve never heard of Frostbyte Games either. I’m hoping you will be able to save ship designs and sell them. I’d love to get an actual economy going. But the thing is is that the future of this game is all based on what the players want to do. Most likely outcome is people will just try and slaughter each other at every opportunity. Hopefully that is not the case and we can actually, as the players, create our own economy, make alliances, form factions and actually make this game have the potential that it has. Although I will say I’m not gonna get over-hyped like I did with a game called ATLAS that was very similar to this games descriptions. “Trade, build, explore, fight.” That’s exactly what ATLAS was supposed to be and it turned into a buggy, laggy shitty experience. Not only that but islands where constantly being taken over and there was no where to build. Horrible experience. This world seems to be bigger and more expansive so I’m almost 100% positive that will not be a problem in this game. This has potential to be the next “Minecraft.” If they can continue adding content for the years to come and providing players with new things to do then I’m all for it.

What will YOLOL be like?

I’ve only ever used code blocks, and am scared that I won’t understand yolol. Any words of encouragement?

Starbase - 15 Minutes of Uncut Combat

Starbase - 15 Minutes of Uncut Combat

What are your plans?

I've just read the FAQ and watched some videos, but I can't wait for release. In the meanwhile, my mind is coming up with all kinds of plans, which I have no idea if will be possible or not. But it would be fun to discuss them, and to see what type of plans the rest of you have come up with.



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