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Why you should avoid staking on Binance

Why you should avoid staking on Binance

Cardano fans getting anxious

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Tezos: New Version of Mainnet-Staging Branch, TzStats Smart Contract APIs, Binance Supports Zero Fee XTZ Staking, V1 of tezblock, Bakers Voting List, Updating the Potential Carthage Proposal and Resetting the Carthagenet Test Network / Biweekly update 23rd November — 7th December

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Baker's Dozen #2 - All Things Tezos

Baker's Dozen #2 - All Things Tezos

Evaluating baking in a o% fee exchange vs a 10% fee standard baker

Ok, first the context:

I am an old crypto investor. I mined Bitcoin, when it was still doable with GPUs. I still have some rigs working (using Nicehash).

I participated in Tezos ICO (the only one I participated in). My only major positions are in Bircoin and Tezos, but I have several small positions in Ether, Litecoin, Nano, etc..

I am comfortable with computers (have a PhD in Computer Engineering, etc.)

I have operational accounts in several exchanges - mainly Bitstamp, Kraken and Binance.

I must start by stating that I like the new possibility of placing PoS "coins" in a good exchange and letting them handle the details of staking.

When Coinbase started that new trend, I didn't think much about it. I don't like Coinbase. Closed my account there long ago. And the fee is stupid.

But Binance with 0% fee is a different story. Binance is one of the exchanges I use at present. And 0% is a very good fee...

So This time I had to really think about what to do with my Tezos. Keep my present baker? Or send them to Binance?

And so for the substance:

At present I'm paying a fee of 10%, to avoid the hassle of baking myself. That reduces my yearly "returns" from around 6.3% (or something close to that) to some 5.7% (in fact the return is only somewhat meaningful in relation to the inflation, and even then it is debatable, but let's forget all that).

Now in Binance, which I trust for small, relatively short-term positions, I would get the full 6.3%.

The difference between having my keys, my direct control of my Tezos and using a standard for-profit baker and having them stored in an exchange baking with 0% fee is 0.6 to 0.65% yearly "return".

So, I really thought about it, but decided to leave the baking with my present baker. He works reasonably well, never failed paying my share, and I keep full control of my Tezos. In principle I will only lose them if I, myself, do something stupid.

Binance is a good exchange, but no exchange is 100% safe from some mishap.

I prefer to lose 0.6% per year to avoid the exchange-related risk, which I assume to be reasonably small, but I can't really calculate (but may well be above 1% of bankruptcy risk per year).

I believe this is the kind of reasoning everybody must make. If the risk evaluation of most Tezos holders is similar to mine, the independent bakers will survive.



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