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Calculating taxes for self-baking

Having a lot of difficulties with this because of not being able to easily generate a CSV of rewards by date. Has anybody figured this out? It seems much easier if you delegated because the APIs can just spit out whatever you received, but if you baked yourself you need to get every reward for every endorsement and baked block and have a date to go along with it. I'm having trouble finding an explorer that provides that data.

Tezos Value

Hey everyone. Does adoption of Tezos result in decreased Tezos supply?

Like the recent adoption by the Silicon Valley VC. Do these adoptions make the XTZ I’m holding in my Coinbase wallet worth more? I notice that the price goes up a bit when these announcements are made, but I don’t know if it’s because of speculators or because these projects actually will result in less XTZ floating around because they are using more of them?

TL;DR: When Tezos is adopted by organizations, does that mean they will use the XTZ floating on the open market, resulting in increased price? Or is it just speculators?

Tezos wallet addresses

What I want to do is to move my Tezos off of Hitbtc and onto Coinbase (where I am getting staking rewards on my other Tezos).

So, the question is: Can I withdraw my XTZ (on Hitbtc) directly to my Coinbase XTZ wallet?



Name Tezos
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24h Low / 24h High $3.27 / $3.51

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