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A look into China and its rise - Vechain should fit into this story soon..

A look into China and its rise - Vechain should fit into this story soon..

What happened on this day with vechain to create a $300milliom 24hour volume?

What happened on this day with vechain to create a $300milliom 24hour volume?

Need help to convert my VeChain to vechain thor (I live in Washington DC)

Here is my story almost 2 years ago I used to trade crypto and invested in many alternative coins. I invested all my saving in crypto. I was stupid. . I’m still stupid until this day. I was betting my life my whole life saving. I think I invested about 180,000$ for it. I never sold one. I still have account with everything. Online. Included GBTC stocks.

I bought vechain Thor with 4 bitcoin when it btc was 12000$ (2017) before it crashed to 3000$ (at the time when it drop from 12 to 3k and stay 6k for awhile) it was a time when vechain became vechain Thor but my heart was so broken to look at my account. I had my vechain on metamask. I got anxiety and I couldn’t look at my portfolio at all cost. I thought I lost all my money. I was too sick to look at anything crypto related. So I gave up on my money. Which almost 50,000$ ON metamask (vechain Alone) Now I feel better. Bitcoin looks better.

I still couldn’t find how to convert and I’m not sure if I lost my metamask access. I’m lost. I need someone to help. To guide me. I need anyone who could help and encourage me.. I have no friends who know anything about cryptos. I live in Washington D.C. I’m thai girl ( that’s why my sentences are so broken)

I just need some help. Really. I don’t know where to start.

VeChain Is Making Big Moves

VeChain Is Making Big Moves



Name VeChain
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Trading Volume $30,793,240
24h Low / 24h High $0.00441 / $0.00454

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All time high date 2018-01-20 (one year ago)
Since all time high -94.79 %


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