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"In order to ensure the timely reception of miner rewards on mainnet, before the token swap, Waltonchain team will start miner payouts for miners from tomorrow."

Semi Weekly Discussion - June 24, 2019

Please keep all memes and market talk within this daily discussion. This thread will reset every 4 days.

Monitor Chan left Walton?

hello, long time lurker here. not a GMN or MN holder by any means, but still a holder nonetheless.

i had read in another post that monitor left the project. was this ever talked about on here? i legit didn't even know he left. did a quick search but didn't find anything. anyone have any thoughts on this on how much it will affect walton's future? he seemed to be a pretty strong driving force for this project.

Sad to let you go

Just sold my stack 😢 this US situation is so stupid. I took a loss but I know I’ll get it back.

Sold my GMNs - my last words here

First, I'm not trying to make this overly dramatic. I'm just here to discuss why I sold my 2 GMNs right after the binance news drop at around $2 (can provide proof if anyone reading this cares enough - also can look at my old post history if you really want to dig through it) and get some of the frustration off my chest that I think every GMN holder has been feeling. I'm not suddenly becoming anti WTC either - I wish them the best; the team are actually great people.

I've been around probably longer than most people here (August 2017). I was here during every single piece of FUD that has ever touched this coin. China FUD, fake team FUD, shitty beta miner FUD, office FUD, website FUD, 2.14 FUD, partnership FUD, Alibaba FUD, etc etc. Each time I held through because I did my own research (or so I thought). But each time, we became weaker and weaker as both a community and a project. Whether it was the shitty beta miner they released in December '17, or the alibaba tweet retraction, valentines day debacle (which basically made this coin one of the most hated in the market), or the countless mainnet delays, we never really recovered.

I think we all just were so emotionally connected to this, it became more and more difficult to sell, especially when you were holding a GMN. We always had an excuse for them, every single time. We defended them left and right, knowing that serious money was on the line. There is no doubt in my mind that if it weren't for GMNs, the vast majority of us wouldn't even be here right now; we'd have long sold.

Overall reasons I sold

1) Communication is poor relative to other projects/companies. Why invest in something like this when you can invest in much of the top 100 that doesn't have this issue? Price suffered greatly over the years because of this. Even coins with really strong communication still suffer in price. Having less than average communication is a huge issue.

2) Uncertainty over U.S. regulations / binance. I know there will be a USDT pair, but how do we know binance U.S. will list a china coin like this, which is likely a security at that?

3) Very mediocre github code; nothing really standing out from other projects. Lot of ethereum code in there. This isn't as big of a deal to me, but just something I noticed.

4) Poor market sentiment - the fact is, people hate this project with a passion. It's a scam to the majority of the community, and unfortunately, that means poor price action. While walton has its moments, it never really performs that well, and when it does, it barely performs up to the level of other coins. Why stay invested in this when you know deep down it won't increase in price much during a bull run? Yes, January 2018 it did pump eventually, but so did almost every other coin, and most coins ended up having pumped more than WTC did. Even one of our main competitors who we all know and love has price issues, yet with much greater connections and progress. There's still so much unclear about Walton, and we expect the WTC price to pump when there's coins out there with 20x the connections and awareness who aren't even pumping themselves?

5) Lost interest in mining - no real need for a GMN. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that back in December 2017, we all kind of thought staking would be a bigger thing vs. the mining portion. Like staking DASH or PIVX and getting coins while doing nothing, that was the dream. I remember a lot of us biting the bullet when we found out how low on the totem pole staking was, and how we'd end up mining and getting the ASIC miner, etc. The GMN airdrops are near useless as well other than that initial 700 WTC drop. I think the whole GMN thing sounded good in theory, but in reality ended up being the downfall of many of us.

6) In the dark about a lot of the partnerships that were announced - what happened with china mobile IOT alliance? What happened with fuyao glass? What happened with GSK talking to them? What happened with alibaba? I think we know the reality on this one, though it's tough to accept it.

7) Token swap - there's no concrete plan to even do a token swap anytime soon. Another flat out communication blunder from the team vs. how much they've been saying "token swap soon". How can anyone be confident in this when they're talking about how it's too expensive to do a token swap right now? You must think relative to the crypto space. At this point, people are itching to sell their WTC that they have mined, and I think the longer we wait, the harder the dump will be.

Overall, the GMN was arguably one of the worst investments I could have made on an otherwise promising project. I have no doubt they'll do well in the far future, but in my opinion, there are much better projects to be in right now for both the short term and long term. Many will say, "why didn't you sell at 40, 30, 20, 10, etc.", and honestly, as I said above, it's because of that emotional connection to holding a GMN. Every time we went through a fuck up, we became more and more numb, but didn't want to just give up and sell, because it'd put to waste everything we went through. I think I've just finally had enough at this point.

What I'm doing now

I'm sure in a few weeks we'll be back up to $3+, and everyone will be quoting this and saying RIP, etc. And honestly, that's ok with me. I bought some of the coins I've been meaning to buy for some time now, and I'm already up a good amount. Even if walton does go above $2 eventually, I can pretty much assume the coins im in will also have gone up (which always has happened), so either way it won't matter. Whereas if I had continued to hold WTC, I'd have to deal with WTC going nowhere at times while everything else pumps, and it performing half assed when it does decide to pump. Finally, I'm pretty comfortable financially, so wouldn't really be pissed to see it finally perform well anyway. I'd be happy for you guys frankly.

Overall, this has been extremely liberating, and I wish everyone here the best going forward. Thanks for hearing out this rant.



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