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Ledger Nano X - to the Moon Edition | Ledger

Ledger Nano X - to the Moon Edition | Ledger

Meet Kenneth Bok, our new Head of Growth and Strategy

Meet Kenneth Bok, our new Head of Growth and Strategy

On CoinGecko Top 100 Zilliqa & Status have the Largest Discrepancy Between %Ranking (Dev/Social) and Actual Market Cap Ranking (ZIL 27 vs 81)

On CoinGecko Top 100 Zilliqa & Status have the Largest Discrepancy Between %Ranking (Dev/Social) and Actual Market Cap Ranking (ZIL 27 vs 81)

Request for Anquan and Zilliqa Business Development Updates

Hello Zilliqa Team,

On July 10th it was suggested by Anquan via an AMA that Anquan had apparently sold its Zilliqa tokens to

avoid‌ ‌finding‌ ‌ourselves‌ ‌in‌ ‌a‌ ‌bootstrapped‌ ‌situation,‌ ‌as‌ ‌some‌ ‌projects‌ ‌have.‌ ‌ ‌Ironically, selling ZIL tokens (a resource) to apparently fund ongoing business development efforts for Zilliqa is almost precisely the definition of bootstrapping (perhaps Anquan was suggesting sell-off was in order to avoid bootstrapping -- again?). With that said, I think the community deserves some updates since the Anquan sell-off event.

  1. Please clarify this point about boot-strapping. How many years of ancillary business development (i.e. adoption efforts) operation has Anquan approximately secured with this sell-off?
  2. I'm confused between Anquan's launching of Zilliqa and Anquan's support of Zilliqa. Anquan spoke of the Zilliqa Team growing from 4 to 30 and implied this as a reason for the sell-off. Is Anquan indicating the use of Anquan funds for the continued support of Zilliqa operations -- despite them being different companies? Is Zilliqa still a start-up being supported in HR,‌ ‌finance,‌ ‌strategy‌ ‌and‌ ‌business‌ ‌development capacities by Anquan? To what extent is the sell-off being retained to support these functions for Zilliqa if yes?
  3. If Anquan and primarily Max are indeed using this capital for business development (bd), wouldn't it be fair to provide the community with an update of these Business Development efforts?

I understand that since bd is strategic and somewhat secretive in nature, it may prohibit Anquan from sharing details of their efforts. That said, there are ways to answer the question of on-going efforts and provide updates without releasing explicit details that jeopardize the finalization of adoption or strategic partnerships and the like.

For example, Anquan could say "we're in the process of finalizing an agreement with another large payment solution provider" or "we've helped to accelerate the launch of zilliqa adoption via an existing payment solution partnership and Zilliqa is expecting to launch the product in early 2020" or "Anquan has been working with AQILLZ to secure further media and ad agency revenue streams that will utilize the Zilliqa blockchain, a large media company is planning to provide Zilliqa-based products to clientele as early as 2021".

Yada, yada. I'm merely providing an example of how to provide limited insight without giving away details that you cannot responsibly divulge at this time.

For the Zilliqa core, I'd also like to see a similar business development update. I trust in the team's technical competency but I'd like to see further demonstration of adoption and bd efforts. If Zilliqa is aiming to be ubiquitously spendable in Singapore early in the next decade please provide evidence to support this. If enterprises will be launching on Zilliqa blockchain early in the next decade, please provide evidence to support this. Some more details on target launches or next steps with Xfers, Mindshare, HgExchange, etc would also be appreciated.

If there are legal or government considerations which prohibit you from specifically commenting on certain developments, please indicate as much but provide relief in the form of "Zilliqa efforts to _____ are continuous and on-going with the goal of".

As I said previously, a regimen of bd updates to complement tech updates would be sincerely appreciated by most of the community.

If you need help translating efforts into presentable content that respects confidentiality, please enlist my help in doing-so.

Thank you!



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